Are you thinking of opening a new Electronics Repair Business, then you have landed on the correct page. We will guide you to know what exactly will be needed to start your own electronic repair business. Every day the market is increasing with new electronic products and there is no wonder that the demand for electronic repair technicians is also increasing.

Electronics repair business is one of flourishing business avenue in India. An ideal self-employment for the people technically qualified to handle the repairs with very meager startup cost.  At first glance, one would think that, given how the electronic items depreciate, there wouldn’t be much of a market for repairing anything when you can buy a new product much cheaper.

Business Scope

Day by day better and efficient models are introduced to market and the cost is reasonable. However, there is vast class of market who can’t afford the new one. Who consider repairing them would be more cost effective than replacing them? Of course, there are exceptions to this depending on the degree of the repair and the cost of product. For example, no one tries to repair the head phone as replacing it is more economical than repairing it where as it is best to repair a LCD/LED Television or high end music system.

Based on the startup budget the business can be worked in a simple storefront model where in neighborhood customers drop in for repair services of varied products. In an high level, business can be commenced in a professional way, where in there is a possibility of obtaining the franchisee of brands to offer services during warranty period or getting the license to be an authorized service provider for selected brands.

Electronics Repair Business Plan

Mentioned below are few guidelines to get started with electronic repair shop:-

Get Technical Knowledge In Electronics Repair Business

The core of business lies in technical knowledge of repairing electronic goods. Get a diploma in electronics, enroll for certified trainings conducted by companies. Specialize in the repairs & 2nd sales of home electronics, specifically home entertainment electronics, including TV, Laptops and DVDs and CD players. Often revenue from 2nds hand electronic product sales surpasses the core repair revenue. List the services and try to constantly expand the domain of knowledge.

If you are not a techy – The only other option is hiring a trust worthy skilled person who works for you. Hire staff and give training to them, start training session for them which may last for 3 months.

You can also educate yourself with the help of verious electrical course offered by government of India.  Visit here for more details

Electronics Repair Shop Location Selection Guidelines:

Lease the suitable place to host the business, shop in main area will create more visibility. Your shop will be used to store all electrical products of customers like TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, etc. Get a bigger place so that you can store more electronics products. Select a location with good connectivity with residential and commercial area.

Provide Repair Service At Customer’s Home:

It is very profitable to provide repairing service at consumer’s home because the cost of transportation of heavy electrical products will be cut off. You can hire staff which will provide service at home, they will visit the place and fix the electrical products. You can setup a small visiting fee of INR 500 for inspection of products.

Buy Necessary Electronics Tool Kit

Shop for advanced electrical tools which will help you in fixing the products in minimum time. Buy the tool kit and necessary spare parts.

Check this link for tool kits

Business Promotion

It is a challenge to steadily keep the foot falls coming in. Depending on the budget, established marketing can be practiced like mails, Handouts, Bill boards etc. It is beneficial if you get networked with the local electronic retailer and companies to get leads and license for authorized repairing. Target people who give great importance in their entertainment equipment and own higher-end electronics,Customer satisfaction: Getting a new customer is quite tough, so don’t lose your customer.

The most important aspect of business is trust, Offer them the convenient and comprehensive repair at a low cost. Ensure quality spare parts are implanted. Be professional in keeping up the promise of assured delivery.

Maintain a data base of customers. Once in while, make a call them to enquire the performance of the repaired item. Suggest a service plan to churn the business. If your budget allows there are many software which support data base management.

Promote Electronics Repair Business Online

Most consumer search online for electronics repair service provider close to their location. You should take this as an advantage and start focusing on listing your business in local classified ads like Quikr, Olx, etc.

Also, it is very important to create your business website and promote it online.


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