Many people have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep when nights are too hot. Finding the perfect temperature that allows you to fall asleep without trying too hard might require you to pay a little more in utility bills. 

Depending on your thermostat, you’ll need to adjust the bedroom’s or the entire house’s temperature for you to fall asleep easily. It seems like even resting at the end of a long day is expensive. 

But what if this didn’t have to be the case? 

Thanks to technology, you can now purchase a curtain-off box that is climate-controlled to ensure you have the perfect sleeping environment. This innovation guarantees that your energy bills and your household’s carbon print don’t go through the roof. 

Dubbed the world’s first AC bed, this innovation is an environment-friendly solution that addresses the excess energy consumption issue. Unlike conventional AC systems that will cool even parts of your bedroom that you don’t need when you’re asleep, the AC bed focuses on your sleeping space alone. 

Let’s find out more about this amazing solar innovation. 

53 Companies with One Mission!

Thanks to advancements in energy storage, the AC bed is now a possibility. The bed is an advanced form of personal air-conditioning that cools only your sleeping area. Why cool the entire bedroom when all you need for a good rest is your bed? 

It is an innovation that has been brought to reality through the collective effort of 53 companies. The Aries Group of Companies has successfully solved the twin problem of inefficient cooling and excess energy consumption. 

Conventional households no longer have to grapple with insomnia because they cannot afford acool sleeping environment. Because energy storage systems are now available, solar energy can easily be harnessed and directed to such innovations.

When you purchase the AC bed, you get a personalized cover that you use around your bed. It is a solar AC cover that cools your sleeping space, so you don’t have to use more energy to cool your indoor environment. 

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution 

This innovation’s main selling point is that it keeps the planet safe. It is a lightweight cover that comes to your rescue during the summer months. The development of energy storage solutions has ensured that solar energy during these hot months is harnessed and stored. 

We can now reduce environmental degradation by leveraging natural and renewable resources like solar energy from the sun. Since households will require less AC tonnage for each bedroom, we are assured of a significant drop in residential homes’ carbon footprint. 

The Innovation Guarantees Better Sleep Quality 

The growth and improvement of energy storage Singapore was necessary to satisfy the growing energy demand. It was not enough that solar energy could be harnessed; it was also necessary for innovators to find a way of storing this energy.

Now that it has been achieved, new solar innovations like the solar AC bed can function uninterrupted. When you purchase the solar AC cover, you are guaranteed optimum humidity and temperature levels. Thanks to this innovation, nothing will come between you and quality sleep. 

These beds are expected to be popular in areas that have hot and humid weather like Southeast Asia. Residents in a country like Singapore will greatly benefit from the solar AC bed because it receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year. 

Surprisingly, these units are quite affordable, and they come in different price ranges to ensure everyone can comfortably purchase them. There is a luxury edition, as well as a standard base model, and both of them give you value for money.

So the solar AC bed is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also economical and is considered a light-duty home equipment. It is also easy to assemble and dismantle for easy portability. Note that you don’t have to purchase a new bed to use this AC cover; you can attach it to your existing bed, and it will work just as well.

The Solar AC Bed has an Innovative Design 

The solar AC bed has an innovative design whose objective is to reduce AC energy consumption. It has an optimum power rating that allows it to run on solar, as well as electricity from the grid.

The thinking behind this innovation was to provide conventional households with a cooler sleeping space without increasing their carbon footprint. The Aries Group of Companies achieved this objective and went a step further because the cover also shields consumers from mosquito bites. 

The see-through curtains come with a unique technology that utilizes solar energy for its cooling purpose. To power the unit, all you have to do is plug it into a wall adapter. It is a self-sufficient way to keep your bed area cool during summer nights. 

For business individuals who’ve ventured into tourism, this is a wise investment for their eco-tourism operations. You get to ensure your guests have a peaceful night’s sleep, safe from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. It also comes in handy for tourist destinations located in rural areas where electricity may be hard to come by. 

Wrapping Up 

The solar AC bed is a revolutionary innovation as it manages to solve many problems at once. It ensures households have a cooler sleeping space without a spike in their utility bills. Not to mention guaranteeing that conventional households’ carbon footprints will not go through the roof. This is a worthy purchase, especially for individuals who reside in hot and humid regions like Southeast Asia.


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