Whether you need an All-Weather Hall to keep your guests safe from the elements, or a Chalet to add a touch of luxury to a festival; or maybe you just need to go wild with the Galaxy for a major concert, De Boer is the world’s leading expert in temporary structures.

For events as diverse as the Farnborough Air Show, the Game of Thrones premiere and the London 2012 Olympics, De Boer has stepped up to the plate and provided gold-medal service – delivering bespoke turn-key temporary structures for events and commercial usage at any location.

You might need extra space for your event or business, either for a temporary event location, expansion of your existing event location, temporary storage space or for the temporary expansion of your commercial space.

De Boer has the solution for you. And we help design, build and decorate your temporary space, to make your event or business a world-class success.


With over 80 temporary structures, we will always have the structure to suit your needs. Most can be connected with other structures and existing buildings, and all can be adapted to your unique needs.

Here are just three of our incredible temporary structures:


With its hexagonal shape and pagoda roof, the Acropolis creates a great atmosphere any time of the year. Serving as either a solitary pavilion, or joined together to make a honeycomb of structures, it is the best choice for fairs, parties, hospitality functions, and festivals.


The Panorama Dome’s round shape and domed roof will give your event a unique 360° look. The horizontal glass panels provide an all-round view of your event ‘s location from within the dome. Ideal for exclusive parties, hospitality and expositions, this is the perfect structure for up to 700 VIPs.


If you’re looking for double-deck accommodation, look no further than the mighty Emperor – its curved roof and combination of wood, glass and aluminium is the pinnacle of De Boer design.

Its modular system makes it easy to expand – lengthwise, widthwise and on the inside. If you want to add an extra storey, or a half storey or mezzanine level for an extra spacious feel, everything is possible – including balconies, atria and canopies.

Suitable for VIP rooms, temporary shopping centres, exhibitions, for an imperial event you need the Emperor.

It takes time and skill to build a temporary structure. It’s not a one-man job or a do-it-yourself project. That’s where De Boer come in and offer turn-key solutions. From the planning application and construction to the interior layout, their dedicated team have years of experience and expertise and will manage your project from inception to completion.

So, whether you need somewhere to feed and water several hundred Very Important People, or an awesome arena for Beyoncé to play a corporate gig (for a very wealthy client), get yourself the perfect temporary structure.


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