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Jio, a subsidiary of Reliance Communications has already created a buzz all over the country with its launch of high speed LTE sim and introductory offer where anyone could get free minutes, free 4G data and other services for a few months with each connection. They are planning to set up about 45,000 mobile towers all across the country in the coming 6 months in order to broaden up their reach and help people experience a matchless connectivity through the Reliance Jio network.

Reasons behind this move

It’s been quite some time that mobile network users have been facing problems of poor connectivity, lack of proper data services, frequent call drops along with several other issues. So, Reliance Communications is willing to take a step forward in an effort to address these disputes.

Installation of Jio 4G towers would definitely help to solve the issue and the network would be able to cover up a wider distance and reach up maximum number of users effortlessly. This is surely an appreciable venture on part of the Reliance Communications towards making India digital.

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Requisites for installation of Reliance Jio mobile tower

If you have a vacant plot of land, unused area and rooftop and you are looking for some means of utilizing the land, then here is a great business opportunity for you. You may rent out any of these abandoned areas to Reliance Communication so that they can set up the mobile towers in such places and earn a decent remuneration every month.

There are many people, who have vacant areas adjacent to their home or an elaborate terrace that can neither garner some income nor can be utilized for any purpose. Reliance brings a plausible opportunity for all those fellows and if you are among them, you should approach the Reliance Communication Industries and request for installation of Jio 4G towers on the abandoned piece of land so that you can earn a good monthly income.

Jio Tower Installation Contact

According to Firstpost, Jio has signed 4g tower installation deal with TowerVision. You can register your land for tower installation on your property from their website.

The company already has an agreement with Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Viom Network, American Tower Company to utilise their infrastructure. As per the deal with Bharti Airtel, RJIL will have access to about 82,000 mobile towers, while the agreement with RCom deal will provide it access to about 45,000 towers. The recent deal with Viom Networks and ATC gives it access to 42,000 and 11,000 mobile towers.

A substantial business opportunity for you

If you are in possession of vacant area in any corner of the country, you should contact the Reliance authorities without further delay. Once the available area of free space meets up their requirements and specification, they will accept your proposal and begin their work of installing the 4G mobile tower on the approved plot of land.

There are no risk factors involved in this project and you may earn additional passive income by renting out the area that couldn’t be of any use to you. You would be given the agreed sum of money every month as rent of that particular block of land till the time the Jio 4G tower remains installed.

Word of caution

If you are contemplating to rent out your empty block of land for mobile tower installation, you should keep a sharp lookout for fraud agents who may demand for advance payments before the approval of your vacant space. It is worthy to mention here that, you should refrain from paying any sum of money to any person even if they claim to be authorized personnels from Reliance Communications. This concern doesn’t demand for any money from the commoners for installing the mobile towers and therefore, you should be heedful so that none can deceive you.

Note :- We are not related to any tower company, please do not email us for tower installation and related queries. Also, please do not post your contact details in comment section because someone may defraud you in our name. We never contact anyone for tower installation.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of this favourable opportunity without wasting any time and approach the local Reliance Communication authorities for obtaining generous monthly income to secure the future of your family.


  1. Dear sr
    I am subrat Pradhan. I’m very interesting in installation of the relianc jio 4g network in my field in kharswan. (JHARKHAND ) please contact me sir.

  2. नमस्ते सर,
    मेरा नाम पप्पू कुमार यादव है।मैं अपने गांव में मोबाइल टावर लगाना चाहता हूँ।मेरे गांव का नाम महल,पोस्ट-महल,थाना-चंदनकेयरी जिला-बोकारो राज्य-झारखण्ड है।

  3. नमसते सर: मुझे अपने गॉव मे कौई भी कमपनी का टावर लगवाना हे .मेरा गॉव इनड्सटल एरीया से 2 किलो मिटर दुर पे हे. गाँव: तेनूहारी. तहसील:सहजनवा. जिला:गोरखपुर. पिनकोड: 273209 UP Easth. Mo:9033692802

  4. सर मै अपने जमीन पर टाबर लगाना चाहता हू
    घर ।गोलमा। पोस्त । तिलकेस्वर ।कुशेश्वर स्थान दरभ्गा
    बिहार मोः 9631874902

  5. dear,sir my name dilip kumar mishra i belong chitrakkot .mere gav chitrakoot se 10 km dur hai waha jio ka network nhi ha mai waha jio ka tawer lgwana chahta hu jisase mere gav walo ko jio welcome offer ka fayda ho

  6. हमारे बिहार के लिए कोई बेवस्था नहीं है किया सर
    कुछ हमारे बिहार के तरफ भी तो ध्यान दीजिये

  7. Mara pass azmghar me plot hi 4000 sqf pavnikal Palna dev ka 3km hi pavnikal gav hi aur Janpur me 900 sqf Janpur city sitshn se 400 MTR pe hi plot

  8. Sir humara field main road PE hi he. I want to 4g tawar installed in my village so I request you my add village chavandpura post-samidhi th-nainwa dist-bundi pin-323801 Rajasthan

  9. Hello sir

    Mr. Mukesh kumar % Sh. Chandra shekhar
    Sir mere ghar ki second phloyer ki chath khali hai Jo ki thath lambai 80. Feet.
    Chodai 22feet hai

    Mera pata
    Mukesh Kumar %sree Chandra shekhar
    Villege .. koarbdha
    Wards no.1
    Post office ..lagunia sury kanth
    Sity… samastipur
    Pin code 848101

  10. Sir me Hanuman prasad mere vill me jio 4g ka tavar nahi laga hai mere pass plat hai aap se nivaran hai ki aap chayi to lagva do

  11. I have a plot miyadi parts land. I request to you jio towar.
    C/o Dhaniram Kkalita

    Dist barpeta Assam

    PIN 781375

  12. sir my house in madurai city sourastra boys school back said 650 sqt my request rent for Jio 4g tower my house tab of the arawa rent for it so apply for it


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