There is a great demand for a good quality precision metal supplier due to the increasing globalization that we see across the globe. In this industry the customers are keener not on how fast a product will be delivered but it is the good quality that they are looking for. Customers look for only the best of precision metal stamping industries that are known to provide top quality parts on the promised date and time.

Progressive tool is one of the most crucial in this regard because works in a specific pattern where several tasks can be completed with the help of one common tool. There are several design and engineering companies out there that also design progressive tool, but having something in-house definitely does bring in long term benefits. Here are some of the tips in-house design and engineering benefits.

Getting a flawless progressive tool

Getting a flawless progressive tool is an important goal of any company but is that possible? The team working at the in-house designing and engineering process can be more efficient because they get regular feedback from the production and quality team regarding the particular tool in use.

As a result, the engineers and team of experts working on this process will make sure that the there is a constant process to better the designing process. The feedback received here helps them quickly understand the finer areas to work on and this makes them better every time they take on a new project.   

Saving in a lot of time

As the team works in-house there is also the benefit of saving lot of time. The important aspect here is that the team is able to quickly deliver the necessary progressive tool and save time for the production team.

Supplier also saves a lot of time when progressive tool is in-house because from raw material to blue prints of the tool and implementation of design is all happening under one roof. This helps save a lot of valuable time that can be used for some other endeavors.

Helps save a lot in the cost

As all the processes are taken care of in-house and this helps companies to save a lot of cost on the overall process. Raw material, the teams, technology, and everything else is under one roof and this helps to save a lot of cost as well. The tool can also be transported from in-house to the production house in no time and this helps to save time usually required in transportation as well.

Good transparency throughout

From the blue prints to the implementation of design there are a lot of processes that take place in order to get the progressive tool designed. When all of these processes are under one roof it helps to get everything done in no time. Working on tool design is a joint effort of designers and engineers, and production team as well. So, when all of them come together it helps to get things done in no time.

Easy maintenance possibility

If the team is in-house it helps to save a lot of time. As the production team will have feedback to give it helps to have in-house team because attention can be given at any time. Engineers can take up the work and provide the efficient result in no time. As the access to tools, technology, and testing is easy, the in-house tool room has a lot of benefits. There are also no hassles to call the people from outside and get the progressive tool repaired.

Eigen: In-house design and engineering

From the last 12+ years Eigen has been leading the way in precision metal stamping. The company believes in providing only the best of services to their clients across the globe. As a result, there are efficient quality control teams that meticulously take care of making sure that the best results are delivered at all times.

The in-house team consists of experienced engineers and creative designers that are consistently working on delivering the best of results to the clients. From inception to implementation, Eigen take care of delivering the most efficient in-house tools to their clients.


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