Located in central Oregon, Bend is a fascinating place known for its picturesque natural beauty. But until a few decades ago, Bend was a laid-back town that registered little activity. The spurt in outdoor recreational sports in the past few years has led to substantial job creation in the area. At the same time, the tourism and medical industry have also shown potential growth. Add to this, the burgeoning footprint of education in recent times which has turned this idyllic destination into an amazing hunting ground for homeowners. According to the current market trends, the Bend real estate property sales have been showing an upward movement, despite the rising interest rates. This rapid transformation has, therefore, led to increasing demand for realtors in this region.

But when looking for a realtor in Bend to either purchase or sell properties, what are the things one should bear in mind? This article will give a walk on the finer points of how to zero in on a

realtor in Bend, Oregon who is not only a pro but also understands the needs of their clients thoroughly.

How to find the right realtor in Oregon?

Finding a realtor in Bend can be easy if one knows what information to extract from their would-be realtor. The most likely questions that may arise in the buyer or seller’s mind may include:

How conversant the realtor is with the area

The buyer must try to gauge from their initial conversations with the realtor if they have first-hand knowledge of the neighborhood in terms of facilities, etc. where the buyer is planning to purchase a property. Additionally, if the realtor has adequate information on the real estate market value of the area. Because if the buyer is looking for budget properties, the realtor should be able to select neighborhoods with reasonable prices but promising futures. In short, a good realtor must be armed with sufficient knowledge about every neighborhood to be able to present a balanced view of those areas to their prospective customers.

What is the realtor’s USP?

The realtor must be someone with integrity, first-hand experience, and the right skill sets to get the deal through. Because every property and neighborhood is different. And so is each real estate transaction. There are many complications involved. So the realtor should give the buyer a detailed description of similar deals they have cracked in the past with authenticity and evidence. Only then can the buyer decide if they should stick around with a particular realtor or not.

Is the commission negotiable?

Another parameter to judge the trustworthiness of a realtor in Bend, Oregon is whether they are willing to offer discounts on commission. This is both when listing the property for sale or buying a new one. Because the needs of the customer may vary, resulting in the agent having to put minimal effort into getting a deal through. And not just this, sometimes, the transactions may fall apart or take longer due to various unforeseen factors. So under the given circumstances, charging the same commission from every customer is unfair on the agent’s part.


How well does the realtor know about the construction of the property?

As a buyer or a seller, one must examine if the agent’s motive is only about cracking the deal. If that is so, they should immediately avoid the agent. Because a good realtor would never try to push sell and always keep the interest of both the seller and the buyer in mind.

How readily available the prospective realtor is?

The availability of the agent is an important factor because most of them disappear from the scene after the customer is onboarded. They mostly assign the task of managing the customer and closing the deal to their team. But since real-estate transactions can get sticky at any time, the realtors should be a phone call away.


To capitalize on the appreciating value of housing property in Bend, Oregon, a buyer needs a dependable realtor. The same applies to a seller, as well. So the bottom line is the customer must know how to look for the right realtor to get the best deals in their current scenarios. The realtor plays a key role not only in finding the house of one’s choice or helping materialize the sale of a property at the preferred price of the seller. But it is also about following all the practices of the rulebook and getting the best and fair deal out of the present situation.


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