mobile tower profit and installation incentives

Everyone wants to have some source of passive income to meet daily needs and to beat rising inflation in the retail market. One soure of good passive income could be through mobile tower installation on your land in the outskirt of your city or on the terrace of your building. You can earn good money in the form of incentives from cell phone companies. You must have seen several mobile towers on the terrace of high buildings in your city, and you want one such tower installed on your land for some passive income.

In this article we will discuss about how to request companies to Install mobile towers on your land? What are the mobile tower installation procedure?, How to avoid fraudsters? What are the rules and how to apply for mobile tower installation? How much is the mobile tower rent per month? You will get to know answers of all listed questions above.

First of all, I want to put some light on ongoing mobile tower installation fraud in India where fraudster finds vunerable victims and lure them in the name of high rental for tower installation on victim’s property. Fraudster asks victims to pay some advance money for tower installation and promise victim with high rental income, advance money at the time of installation, job, vehicle, long term agreement, etc.

I urge you to please do not respond to such phone calls, emails, sms, etc where they want you to pay some advance money for tower installation in India. You can read more about tower installation fraud here.

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Mobile Tower Installation Procedure

Important point to consider here is that the requirement of mobile tower at a particular location is decided by the telecom company itself. Telecom companies decides the location based on RF(Radio Frequency) analysis and they select location based on result of RF analysis. They figure out the location where tower is required and they approach the property owner to install the tower on roof of heighest building of that locality.

If you have a property which is ideal for mobile tower as per your knowledge but that property is not suitable for telecom operators then they will not install tower at your property. What we need to understand here is that if your property location is crucial in the eyes of telecom companies then they will approach you for the installation of tower.

You can also list your property in private companies website who takes care of mobile towers of telecom operators.

Do not Approach Someone for Tower Installation

It should be clear from above points that you should not approach someone for mobile tower installation on your property because you may be defrauded. Currently there is ongoing mass fraud in the country where fraudster asks for registration fee before installation of tower.

Note :- We are not related to any tower company, please do not email us for tower installation and related queries. Also, please do not post your contact details in comment section because someone may defraud you in our name. We never contact anyone for tower installation.

If your property is suitable for mobile tower/coverage and from RF point of view , these private companies will approach you for installation of tower. Some of the private companies on their website have given facility where you can post your property details.

Mobile Tower Installation Company

There are various independent companies who installs mobile tower on behalf of telecom operators. These companies rent the desired property with their own and made them available to telecom companies for tower installation as per requirement.


None of the Telecom Company or Infrastructure Provider company or its employee seeks any advance money from you. The towers are installed Free of Cost. You need not pay any money in the form of registration fee, booking fee,etc.

How Much Monthly Rent You Can Expect For Putting Their Towers On Your Residential Building

Private companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc are currently paying lucrative amount for putting their mobile towers on residential building and it depends on their requirement. Rent paid by operators for towers depends on the interest of telecom operator and it varies from 8k to 50k per month. If an individual telecom operator alone seeking for a location to place the tower it means they have particular interest in that area and will pay more, sometimes bargain makes the rent higher.

If they have contacted you for tower installation then you should show your interest and bargain with them to get more montly rent. They have contacted you and it means that they have requirement of tower in that area but make sure that you do not have to pay any money in advance.

In India, most telecom towers are now installed by independent private tower companies or telecom infrastructure provider companies and they then rent it out to telecom companies like Airtel , Vodafone, Reliance, etc.

The rents that tower companies or telecom companies pay depends directly on the real estate value of the location of property and varies anywhere between Rs. 8000/ month to 50 thousands rupees in some locations in Mumbai , Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other metro locations. Basically it is a factor of their desperation and the land owner’s negotiation skill.


  1. i contacted one of the cell no.s who advertised in TIMES OFINDIA in connection with installation of mobile tower in my property. they furnished a code for registration and requested me to pay rs 8000 for a 4G tower. i was sent five files as attachment to the email message which included a welcome letter from VODAFONE company, a T and C document. it indicated that the registration of an agreement will involve cost upto rs.140 thousands to be shared equally by us. then i received a phone call for remitting half of the amount. there was no approval of any authority for the site proposed by me, the type of tower that is proposed etc. i have now been provided with a copy of a supposedly approval letter from TRAI and a draft agreement for registration. should i proceed. if so, can i insist on the presence of any representative from the company at my placed.

    • No no. Please don’t proceed without investigating their nos, names, and their credentials. They are fraudsters who tell you to deposit huge amount of money first. Pls confirm if it is a fraud else you will lose a huge amount of hard earned money.

  2. i request that i not range tawor in village of voda phone network 4g and 3 g i request acot my address village angai teh. sarmathura dis dholpur rajasthan pin code 328031 establesment tawor in location bari dholpur rajasthan, sir i request do only

  3. Sir i have my own land un-used so i want install in this area so send ur details in my post office my address is kyamgei awang leikai, post office-canchipur,pin code- 795003,my full name is loukham johnson s/o loukham rajen meitei

  4. Sir hamare village ke ass pass ke area me relince jio kaam nahi karta hi jesse ham upbhoktao ka kafhi pareshani hoti hi. Mera kheth G T ROAD se thodi si duri par he hi.

  5. I own a residential property in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. The properrty is a 3 storeyed residential property in a fully developed residential pocket, very near to Commercial Buildings on the Main Road. The property is located very near to the Outer Ring Road, Ramamurthynagar, Bengaluru. Any telecom operator willing to take the top terrace area on rent may call. My property is situated on a site measuring 1200 sq.ft. with very good access.


  6. Sir, my son in law has 4 acres of agricultural land at Bailur in karkala karnataka, 75% of the land is unused.There is no network in this location.yerlapady is the village name.
    This plot is adjoining river suvarna.
    Pls let us know as to the proceedure to install a tower or 4g network facility on my land


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