If you are interested in starting a BPO in India, you need to register with NASSCOM who will verify and certify the organization. As the business owner, you have to set up a business development team and do good research on the web and analyze all the available information.

Procedures for starting a new BPO

The entrepreneurs should evolve a proper business plan and go for a market segment analysis. They should also note the number of clients they want to deal at various stages of operation. The entrepreneurs should provide their resume to these companies and should be ready to make simple adjustments in their pay structures. To have a business plan there are four essentials to take care of

  1. See what are your business goals
  2. Logistics
  3. What will be financial implications
  4. Staffs required

Application Process

The application form for starting a BPO differs with respect to various companies. Some of them are having online application forms. In other cases the owners have to contact personally and highlight their abilities and experience in the respective field. Normally the companies get too much time to reply. You will have to follow up and get updates weekly.

Collecting important details

When the owner experience delays in getting an answer even after making repeated requests, he can also provide the following details to the entity.

  1. Your weekly marketing statistics.
  2. Making holiday postcards.
  3. Making promotional items such as contact details and company logo.

Important decisions

To start a successful call center you have to first decide on the nature of operation. The major options are the following

  1. Inbound
  2. Outsource
  3. Outbound


Guidelines for starting a new BPO

  • The call centers should be registered under the other service provider category. Upon the registration, they can operate for a maximum period of 20 years.
  • The call centers are allowed to avail foreign direct investment. The applicable rules and regulations are to be followed.
  • They can get the resources from authorized sources only. Local leased lines to be collected from certified service providers and the IPLC from operators of Long Distance Services Providers.
  • The service providers will supervise the network diagram and provide details to the OSP. If there are any violations, the service provider and OSP will be held accountable.
  • Domestic call centers are allowed to set up on separate infrastructures
  • Dot has to provide the necessary permission to interconnect two domestic call centers of the same organization.
  • If the company wants to increase the bandwidth then it can approach a certified ILD directly and inform DoT within 15 days.
  • International call centers are allowed to interconnect for getting back up and during at the time of disaster.

But you will get the permission only if international call center owners have provided the following requirements

  • Exclusive router or server at the service provider to the hot site
  • Local leased line that connects the IPLC provider to the hot site
  • Local leased lines to the dedicated server at the hot site.

The hot sites are generally used in case of disaster. You have to make a request to the IPLC provider to change the IPLC towards the hot sites. You have to inform DoT as well.

The international call centers belonging to the same company can also cross map their seats for using them during of disaster. The actual call center will use all the seats in normal circumstances but in abnormal conditions they will have to leave the cross-mapped seats to the international call center

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  1. Hi All,
    I am upto starting a BPO(as of now for Domestic Processes) ,so kindly tell me the required registrations,mandatory documents,permissions i need to have for the start-up.


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