Having an alarm with you can seem like an overreaction when thinking about your own safety. Yet when it is dark outside and you are alone, there is no telling what could happen. Many people feel anxious when walking around late at night. One way to help ease these fears is to look into purchasing a panic alarm. It uses the same theory as a car alarm. An object that can make a loud noise and attract attention is something any criminal wants to avoid. Yet which is the most effective. This article will hopefully give you some ideas. 

Personal panic alarms are simple compact devices that when triggered can release an extremely loud alarm that will trigger the attention of bystanders but may also disorientate your attacker. Whilst this is not something that is nice to discuss, attacks do happen so being prepared for one is your best bet to avoid major injury or damage. 


One of the first considerations you should take when thinking about a personal panic alarm is the sturdiness of the product. It needs to be something that can remain compact and yet also withstand reasonable damage. You have no idea of how you may be approached or attacked so having one that won’t be broken after a couple of bumps is always a necessity. Look for ones that are made out of durable plastics or metals to ensure your safety. 


Often to power such a small device, a battery or two is required. This may seem like a simple enough request, but you should think about how often you may need to change them. There would be nothing worse than being caught in an attack, having your panic alarm ready for it to fail in the heat of the moment when you needed it the most. Have a look at long lasting panic alarms or rechargeable ones that you can be sure wont let you down in your time of need. 


This can be a key factor in purchasing any panic alarm. You want an alarm that will be loud enough to attract bystanders and to put off your attacker. If you live in a largely urban environment, you may want to look at getting a louder alarm. This can combat against extra noise that may be in the vicinity.  Look for numbers above 100 decibels to ensure that your alarm will attract as much attention as possible


Often categorised as a superfluous addition to a panic alarm, a flashlight can make all of the difference in an attack scenario. Not only will the attacker, hopefully, be distracted and disorientated with loud noise but you could use the flashlight to further disorientate them. Equally, it may help you be more visible to passers-by. The noise and light together may help you gather help from any bystander and just keep you out of harm’s way.

Panic Alarms

It can be hard to admit in the modern world that there is a place for panic alarms in case you get attacked. However, it may be better to have one and not need one than the other way around. 


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