Business is open to all, and it takes people of all kinds to make industries truck along at a comfortable pace. 

One of the perhaps more underappreciated entrepreneurial demographics is young people. Unfortunately, they do receive bad press from time to time, labeled as lazy by the media or spoilt by certain members of the older generations. However, it only takes a quick internet search to see that young people can be incredibly proactive, with many of them possessing an entrepreneurial spirit. 

But what sparks their interest? What industries do they excel in? You will find a brief overview of the answers below. 

Tech Literacy

When it comes to technology, younger people have a distinct advantage in that for many of them, it is all they have ever known.

Having grown up alongside the development of all the latest apps, smartphones, and social media trends, those in a lower age bracket are more familiar with the world of tech and how to use it effectively. They are more likely to be savvy in publishing their content on popular streaming platforms, and perhaps could be better versed in things like cryptocurrency. 

Young people might learn what ETH to BTC trading means quicker than most if they are more frequently exposed to the online world. If they regularly browse the internet, then sooner or later they may also run into services like those from Paxful. This online domain facilitates cryptocurrency trading smoothly and safely and educates users on how to make it all even easier. Buying and holding cryptocurrency has never been easier, and some of their many traders are undoubtedly young people trying to better themselves. In any event, the internet is predominantly the domain of youthful ambition. 

Side Hustle-Hobbies

Through perhaps having more spare time than the full-time worker, some young people spend their days nurturing their hobbies.  

There are many news stories out there on college kids who turned their favorite hobbies into lucrative side hustles, granting them agency and instilling them with confidence. Interestingly, many of these ventures were born out of frustration with being unemployed. Instead of being consumed by their woes, they are admirably resorting to making their own work. 

The consensus in life is that work time and fun time are often separate, but young people are constantly finding innovative ways to fuse the two. They enter the entrepreneurial world because they love what they do or out of personal responsibility, and not necessarily because they want to become silly rich. That will affect everything positively moving forward, from productivity to the work culture! 

Bypassing College

It is a controversial point to make, but the truth is that while college can facilitate a young person’s business acumen, it can sometimes hinder it! 

For example, some college-aged kids skip further education altogether. NBC News reported on a woman who had dreamed of running her own business from an early age and subsequently passed on a college education to pursue her ambition. Dubbed by her father as always being ‘terrible at book learning’, he was still impressed by her ability to negotiate for leases and to fill out intense multi-page forms when setting everything up. 

Childhood interests can eventually be nurtured into something greater. What starts as a lemonade stand can eventually flourish into a full-blown firm. The best businesses thrive on taking an alternative path or deliberately taking a harder road for more reward. Young people are following through on those principles by bypassing college where necessary.   


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