Modern app development requires companies to get more and more flexible. But this should be applied to technology stacks and frameworks, too; otherwise, it won’t be a successful endeavor. Ionic developers for hire might be plenty, but is it that easy to find one? Well, you can hire Ionic developers but will that guarantee you success when focusing on the new trend – cross-platform development? 

We will give some answers that can help you find Ionic developers that can bring value to your next project.

What is Ionic?

Before you hire an Ionic app developer, you should know what this framework is. Ionic is an open-source, front-end framework that allows web developers to build apps for any platform easily. Ionic uses standardized web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There’s no need to learn any new programming language or tools — everything you need is already available through the same old familiar programming languages you’ve been using at work.

Ionic has integrated support for Apache Cordova, which makes it easy to develop apps that run on Android, iOS, and Windows phones as well as desktop browsers. What’s great is that developers only have to write one codebase and upload their app to the app store.

Why Ionic?

Looking for an Ionic developer to hire? Well, you need first to know what are the benefits of Ionic before you hire an Ionic framework developer. Let’s see.

Single codebase

With Ionic developers, you’ll have to write code only once. This is because the app runs on the Web platform, which can be accessed from any device with a browser — including smartphones and tablets. Like traditional native apps, Ionic apps are based on CSS (for design) and HTML5/JS (for logic). As a hybrid app maker, we provide cross-platform services for iOS and Android mobile applications.

Small app size

This framework provides a set of tools to create any application. Compared to any other, Ionic apps are smaller due to the lighter Cordova wrapper. And because of the small app size, apps can run faster and take less space which is crucial these days.

Cost efficiency

Nobody uses Ionic, as they want to spend more money. That’s where native frameworks come into place. With Ionic, you can save a lot of money, as you will have to write less code and also because the hybrid system is optimized well.

Where to find Ionic developers for hire?

This is another question that comes to our minds when on the topic of app developers.


You pay less for freelance app development than you would for a custom solution from an agency. Freelancers are motivated to produce the best possible quality because their reputation is at stake; however, with no built-in oversight, it’s hard to guarantee that they’ll deliver as promised. That’s one massive concern if you need a project that should work just as described or if you’re outsourcing labor.


Hiring a dedicated team of Ionic app developers can yield quality that few (if any) freelancers could match. While it may be tempting to hire multiple freelancers, keep in mind that the lack of structure in using them will slow you down, wasting valuable time and money.

Regions to hire app developers

That’s another thing to have in mind. US developers tend to be the most expensive, and they usually charge way over $100. Something like $150 is not so uncommon. And yes, we talk about hourly rates. For big projects, you can splash a lot of money.

In Western Europe, things are more or less the same: charges start at $70 and can go all the way up to $120-130. While it’s not as much as the US, it’s still unbearable for many. Eastern European developers can cost twice as little but deliver similar if not better results.


Although there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all app, choosing an application development framework is precisely that. From PWA to hybrid apps and native apps, each has pros and cons in terms of speed and cost. With Ionic, you can build native apps in JavaScript or TypeScript — which is suitable for those who have front-end development experience. So finding Ionic developers for hire might be an excellent addition to your team.


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