A fleet business is nothing without its vehicles. Whether it’s a collection of trucks, vans, or cars, these are what you use to transport goods to your customers. If these are out of action, that’s not going to happen – and the basic function of your company is lost. 

Everyone knows the importance of vehicles to a fleet business. However, with that said, even owners of these companies can overlook certain points that pertain to their modes of transport. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, here are five points to remember with your vehicles.

1. Ramp up safety efforts

Safety should be of utmost importance for your fleet business. You want to keep your employees safe. You want to keep other drivers safe. You also want to keep your vehicles safe from any costly damage. While regular training can keep your drivers informed about potential dangers when on the road, there’s another recommended step to take: install a collision-avoidance system. 

Offered by industry leaders Mobileye, this collision avoidance system can help prevent forward collisions, pedestrian collisions, and accidentally hitting a sudden lane departure. Plus, all it takes is to do a quick “Mobileye installer near me“ search on Google, get the system installed, and your drivers suddenly have an added layer of protection while on the road.

2. Regular maintenance 

Another safety measure is to perform regular maintenance on your vehicles. By frequently checking tires, oil levels, and other elements which deal with significant wear and tear, you can see for anything that needs upkeep before it results in a bigger issue. 

Your drivers should perform vehicle inspections each working day, which will help to uncover and problems that need fixing. 

Furthermore, as a business owner, you should also keep everything ready on the legal end. For instance, if the car you use for your business gets into an accident where the fault is not yours. You can file a suit against the opposite party for compensation. You can visit to learn more about your rights in case of car accidents.

3. Keep the exterior pristine

It might seem like a minor point, but it’s actually important for all vehicle exteriors to be kept pristine. This includes keeping them spotlessly clean and avoiding any visible damage to the body. 

By keeping the exteriors pristine, reflects well on your business. Abashed up or dirty vehicle, on the other hand, will create a poor first impression when it turns up at a client’s premises. 

4. Display your brand prominently 

When it comes to physical advertising for a fleet business, there’s no better option than using your vehicles. With your business logo and information displayed prominently, your brand can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of drivers each day. 

As for how your brand is shown, this is dependent on the type of vehicles you’re using. While cars don’t have much real estate to use, vans and trucks present prime spots to advertise your business effectively. 

5. Lower idle time

Idle time is never a good thing for a fleet business. When vehicles are sitting around, but the engine remains on, this will consume fuel and can also shorten the lifespan of their engines. Due to this, you should take the necessary steps to reduce idle time. This can be as easy as instructing your drivers to avoid doing this when possible. However, you can take this one step further and integrate a telematic tracking system to your fleet to help identify where your vehicles may be idling.

Additionally, providing all drivers with a business fuel card will allow you to monitor their fuel consumption & spend. In short, if your fleet business is suffering with long idle times, it could be worthwhile investing in a robust system to reduce costs & vehicle maintenance. There is such an array of fuel cards & telematic systems on the market that it can be hard to find the best selection for your business. Using a comparison site like iCompario,, will help you find the best services for your business.


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