silica gel packets

If you are involved in the dry goods industry, then you will understand just how important it is to ensure that your goods are stored properly. This will also include packing them properly for shipping.

In order to protect your goods from a variety of different external elements and guarantee that they arrive with your buyers in the best possible condition, it is important to ensure that you do everything you can. Moisture damage is a very real consideration that anyone involved in the dry goods industry can be faced with and desiccant packs are something that is well worth considering.

What are Desiccant Packs?

You are probably already acquainted with the desiccant pack, sometimes referred to as Silica gel sachets. They appear in many of the goods that you buy, from shoes to electronics. Desiccants are made up of a compound or agent like Montmorillonite Clay, or Silica Gel, and they are used to absorb some of the moisture content that is in the air and create an environment that has lower moisture content and will, therefore, be less damaging to products.

In order to ensure that your goods get the maximum protection possible from moisture desiccant packs can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and types. They are most commonly used in the storage, transport and maintenance of products and materials.

How do Desiccants Work?

No matter how carefully we think we have packed items for storage or shipping there is always the possibility that a small amount of moisture may have entered the packing materials. During the time that goods are being stored ready to ship to customers, or during the shipping process itself there is a chance that this moisture could begin damaging the products; meaning that unfortunately what arrives with the customer is not of the best quality.

Desiccants work on the principle that they absorb the moisture in the air and stop it from getting to the products they have been placed with. They are, in effect, a drying agent, attracting the tiny moisture particles in the air to their surface rather than the surfaces of your products.

Desiccants are particularly useful in situations where the rate of evaporation is on the lower side due to the humidity in the atmosphere being of a higher percentage.

Protect the Quality of Your Goods

In today’s incredibly competitive marketplace it is important to ensure that you do everything that you can to make sure that your goods reach your customers in the best condition possible.

If your customers are not happy with the items they receive from you, unfortunately there is every chance that they may take their business elsewhere. Ensuring that your goods are moisture free, as much as is possible, is one way in which you can ensure that your dried goods are protected during storage and transport.

Desiccant packs are the ideal solution for the problem of moisture and in the correct amount can be a very effective barrier against the possibility of moisture.

If you are involved in the manufacture of dried goods, then you will want to ensure that you find a company who can supply you with the most appropriate desiccant packs for your requirements. They can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and the size you require will obviously vary depending on the size of the items that you require them for. 


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