There is a huge demand for candle in the market. People use these candles for many occasions. Candles are used for decoration purpose in hotel and restaurants. These candles are also used to light up the house in remote villages of many countries where there is no power supply. Candles are also used on birthday cakes to resemble the age of the person who is celebrating the birthday. These candles are used for religious and ritual purpose across the world. These candles come with different sizes, colors and fragrance. Despite latest electric lighting people still rely on candles for many purposes which no one can deny.

Starting Candle making business is very easy all you need to have to seed money or else you can get loan from local bank for the investment on candle making machine. It is advised for you to start this business during Diwali and Christmas season where you can see good demand for these candles. By taking the advantage of these festivals you can start candle making business with flying colors.

You can start this candle making business by purchasing raw materials like wax, wicks, scent, dyes, molds and pan to melt down wax. You can do this with initial funds of the business. You can even get trained from institutions where they teach you the entire process of making candles. There are also many candle making machines are available in the market where you can make candles effortlessly that too you can make more candles than number of candles you make with your bare hands.

When you learn making candles with different sizes, colors and scents it is time to sell them in the market. It’s not that easy to sell candles in the market you should have enough publicity in the market otherwise you will end up loss. You can get publicity with help of palm plates, flyers, posters, banners and internet. You need to create a website if you are intended to go global. People in other cities can place orders in bulk for the candles you have manufactured. With help of flyers you can sell your candles at grocery stores and supermarkets. You can also contact hotels, spas, restaurants and corporate companies to sell the candles because these are places where you find usage of candles in large numbers.

You can invest money buying candle making machines which helps you to make more candles. There are two types of candle making machines available in the market they manual machine and automatic machine. Depending upon your investment you can buy candle making machine. You should always remember that whatever machine you buy you must work hard to make profits in this business.

Acquire knowledge before you plunge into this candle making business otherwise it would be hard task for you to make and sell candles ultimately you will end up with huge financial loss.


  1. I want to start a candle making business in the near future, pls. Send me specification of various manual candle making machine


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