here are some of the profitable business ideas that you can start in 5 lakh

We have already discussed about various profitable business ideas in this website which can be started with initial investment of 2 lakhs – upto 50 lakhs INR. In this article, we have selected some profitable businesses which you can start with initial investment of under 5 lakhs INR. In this list of businesses, some ideas are manufacturing based and some are service based.

10 Profitable Business Ideas With Investment Under 5 Lakhs INR

1. Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) Manufacturing Business – India is potential market for agarbatti business because of its uses in various ocassions across the country. You can step into this business with investment of 5 lakhs easily because the machine which is used for agarbatti production costs between Rs 50,000 to 2 lakhs. Profit margin in agarbatti making is Rs 12 per kg and one automatic machine can produce 70kg of agarbattis in a day. Read about this business in detail

2. Disposable paper plate and paper cups manufacturing – Manufacturing of disposable plates/cups business is environment friendly and very profitable if you have solid business plan. This product is in very high demand after the ban imposed on use of plastics in India. This is right time to step into this business and grab a slice of the pie. Machines which are used in paper plates manufacturing is not very much expensive and you can easily start your own manufacturing unit in less than 5 lakhs of investment. Read more here

3. Paper Carry Bags Manufacturing – Demand of paper bags has increased exponentially in last 1 year in India and you should seriously think about this business idea. The manufacturing process of paper bags is very simple and one machine can produce thousands of paper bags in a day. Profit margin is around Rs 1.5 per bag. You can also start this business with some addition like printing of custom logos of the brand. Read more here

4. Mobile Accessories Import Business – Import of mobile accessories from China and selling them in local market has profit of average 200%. A simple mobile phone case costs Rs 40 when imported from China and it sells in around Rs 150. With investment of 5 lakhs, you can import phone cases and other accessories in bulk, the demand of latest accessories is also increasing day by day in India. Supply your imported product to local market and make big profit in no time. Learn more about how to import from China

5. Export Business – Export of any product from India to other countries around the world is very easy and profitable. Government of India has made the export procedure simple and lucrative by providing various incentives programs. You can start with agricultural products export at the beginning because agricultural products are easily available in bulk in India. You can start export business in less than Rs 5 lakhs if you are not storing the product at your place. You can directly export the product from your vendor to other countries. For starting export business, you will need following things:- A registered company name, Import Export Code, Current bank account in the name of your company. Read more about how to start export business – here

6. Fast Food Restaurant – As we all know that the profit margin in fast food business is around 55% which is very good and lucrative. Getting into this business is very simple, all you need is an experienced cook and decent location with average foot traffic. You will need a license from FSSAI to get started. 5 lakhs is suffient amount to get started at initial phase, you can scale it to big restaurant with more investments. Read more about fast food business – here

7. Content Writing Agency –  Quality content is always in demand in India. With the advent of online marketing, the demand for engaging content writing firm has increased exponentially because every company needs content for their online marketing strategy like social media marketing, etc. You can start this business easily by hiring professional content writer. You need to register a firm and have to comple basic formalities. You can initially start from small office space with 5 employee or less. Learn more here

8. Shoe Laundry Business – Did you anytime hear about this shoe laundry business? Not many of you would have heard about it. It is very few people who know about it and there are very few people who are providing this kind of services. People these days are very much concerned about their personal hygiene and health. They need their shoes to be clean and tidy all the time, but do you think it is possible to do it? Especially the sports shoes cleaning is tough job. Even when people are able to take some time out of their very business schedules, they are not aware of the right procedure to clean the shoes. So, shoe laundry service provider can do that for you. If you are interested in starting this kind of business, then there is very good scope in this business.

9. Wedding Planning & Wedding Photography – Business ideas related to wedding are very profitable and can be started with minimum investment because the equipment used in wedding planning is available on rental basis. You can easily get started with this business in initial investment of under 5 lakhs. You will need a beautifully designed websites and proper marketing strategy to get clients. Read more about wedding related business ideas here

10. Ladies suits and accessories business – You can start this business with even 2 lakhs investment from your home. Most profitable niche in this business is womens suits and accessories. I know one of my friend who has started this business and making good profit out of it. He brings suits from Surat, Gujrat and sells them in nearly double the price. Profit margin  is huge in this business.

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I hope that you like the above business ideas under 5 lakhs of initial investment. Please do share your ideas in comment section below.


  1. Dear sir .
    I like to start bussiness in india Gujarat Vadodara city for Aggarbati bussiness. Can you pls give me some of contact or advice for machine & production from where i have to buy ? Thanks

    • Dear sir,
      If you got the contact of aggarbati raw material & machine saller no. so please give me to. I wanna to start this manufacturing business in udaipur Rajasthan so please help me sir.

  2. Dear sir,
    I like to start bussiness in india west bengal paschim medinipur for agarbati bussiness.can you please give me some of contact or advice for production and related thin also loss and profit..

  3. Hello sir i want to start business of paper carry bag manufacturing ,so can you give advice and contacts of machine manufacturers and raw material .
    Thank you

  4. It’s a great concept you are handling. Guiding young or inexperienced people with lesser disposable income and a hunger for making honest money can be a great benificiary of this. I just stumbled upon this article.. And I highly appreciate it and the people behind this blog.. Keep it up.. Wishing you guys a great success


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