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Ghana, a country well known for being Africa’s richest country with a rapidly growing economy, also happens to be the second largest Cocoa producer in the World.

Culturally rich and economically independent, Ghana is often referred to as the ‘island of peace’. The country is popular for its picturesque beaches and lush green forests that serve as a home to a diverse range of wildlife. Considering the improving economical conditions of the country, we decided to bring about a variety of small scale business opportunities and investment ideas in Ghana. Accra and Kumasi are two cities in Ghana which is suitable for small business startup. The population in these two cities are 2.5 million and 1.7 million respectively.

Your business choice should not be restricted to a certain idea, instead you should allow yourself to explore beyond your limitations and boundaries. Utilise the most popular places and occasions in your country to make them your unique selling point. For example, setting up stalls at the Bugum Festival or the Gologo festival can be an interesting investment opportunity. Not only this but also the Accra great olympics which can be a good opportunity to promote your football academies. These 20 interesting and profitable business ideas do not require a heavy capital or a large labour force; instead all they demand is the perfect sourcing along with the right decisions made.

Top 20 Profitable Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in Ghana

#1. Safari Tours

What could be a better business opportunity in Ghana than utilising the country’s natural beauty for a positive purpose? Availability of proper safari jeeps and supervision on the routes could help you earn a great deal of money. This will definitely promote the tourism department of the country along with the regular upkeep of deserts and wildlife.

#2. Football Academy

Did you know? Ghana’s National Football team was the only team from Africa that made it to the second round of FIFA World Cup in 2006. Football has been of great interest to the Ghanians who have keenly invested their passion in this sport. Therefore, a professional football academy could prove to be a good investment opportunity in Ghana as young players would like to train themselves for the higher level. Again, this would be a boost for the future of football in Ghana along with proving to be a good business opportunity.

#3. Private/Home Tuition

Something that people of Ghana can get involved in is teaching students at home since many parents are looking for someone to offer tuition classes for their students to study and excel in subjects that you can explain and make understandable. This sort of home business can increase the strength of your students depending on your teaching silks making it your regular job where you can earn a lot. Extra lessons can be offered to students to teach them how to perform well in exams

#4. Blogging

Blogging, regarded as internet business, is for every person who has a deep, long-lasting passion for writing for the self and people around him. As it has been observed that the Ghanaian credit is raising day by day, a lot of profit can be earned by you. The key to become a successful blogger is determination and a strong mindset to never give up knowing you will be rewarded for you hard work.

If you’re serious about making money through blogging, you need to consider the most efficient business models for monetising your website. One such business model is affiliate marketing. This is where bloggers partner with companies to promote their products and services in exchange for commissions on the sales. These partnerships are called affiliate programs. One example is the eBay Partner Network (find out more on Bengu).

#5. Be a Guide

Ghana, being a democratic country and diverse in nature, has a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. Being rich in history, it has carried in every corner of every street a story which helped build the foundation of numerous buildings in Ghana. Being a guide can be quite easy and adventurous for someone who has an interest in history. By setting out on a journey to explore and dig deep into the stories of the country that many people haven’t heard of, one can earn cash through becoming a guide entertaining the local tourists or even the foreigners.

#6. Online Baking Store

Having access to internet and social media, the chances of online shopping and sales has increased to a large extent. This idea could serve as a perfect one for those Ghanaian women who are unable to move about freely. Baking is not a difficult task to master and with the availability of numerous items, it becomes very easy to introduce a variety of products such as cakes and cookies. Make a Facebook page, give an attractive name to your brand and catch the attention of all the buyers by offering a free delivery service.

#7. Chocolate Fountains

Be it outside a cinema or a school, these machines can earn you a lot of money. Children, teenagers or adults, everyone is addicted to the idea of dipping wafers and biscuits in chocolate. Ghana being the largest cocoa producer has a cheap rate of buying chocolate. The only fixed expense is that of the machine that is easily available all over. This is one of the best and profitable business ideas in Ghana.

#8. Auto Repair Workshop

This business idea is for every person who has interest and knowledge when it comes to cars, bikes etc. This knowledge and interest, if extended to knowing about parts of a vehicle, their functions etc can allow you to put your capabilities to function by fixing vehicles. Start by sharing the work you can offer in a newspaper or online. By offering quick and impressive services to the first few visitors, you can gain the attention of others customers either recommended or who observe your true potential.

#9. Fish farming

Fish farming has proven to boost employment opportunities. Many people including students have learnt that even though building a fish farm may require quite an amount of cash, it is possible to step up one based on the scale you can afford. It is not mandatory for you to set up a huge fish farm in the very first stage. Beginning on a small scale by working through the limited resources you get and you can extend it later.

#10. Invest in Art Business

Art has the power to shake a person’s inner core to an extreme. It can allow ones gift to create magic with a brush or the required tools. This can include painting, sculpture making, sketching, calligraphy etc. If you have the ability to bring your vision into reality, there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your dreams of becoming an artist and creating a business platform for yourself through your art. Start by sharing your work online as well as the people around you which can attract art lovers to buy your beautiful artwork.

#11. Fruit Juice Kiosk

The idea for a perfect business opportunity in Ghana, these fruit kiosks can be a beneficial business idea because of a number of reasons. What is better than setting up a fruit juice kiosk near a school or a college in the scorching heat of Ghana? The favourite flavours being the Pineapple Ginger and Strawberry banana this idea does not even require a large capital. With the help of the right machine, an electric socket, required ingredients and the perfect spot, you can attract school going children who would love to quench their thirst at your stall.

#12. Nurseries

If you spend a large portion of your day in the garden, you can change that into earning cash instead of doing what you love, for free. By working with complete enthusiasm and resoluteness towards on growing plants, you can begin by creating a small nursery in your garden. Slowly and gradually, your work can be extended at a large scale by creating a nursery once you gain buyers who are interested in buying plants to add to the beauty of their homes or gardens

#13. At Home Salon

Both men and women can start a business in relation to offering services in salons. This can begin with setting up a portion in your house for your clients. Many customers prefer the idea of salons based in homes instead of taking appointments from professional salons which are hard to get. By constantly working on your skills, watching courses online and keeping updated with the last rends, there is only going higher when it comes to your business. Once you end up earning some cash, you can end up building your own salon. Read more

#14. Solar Energy

In a country where electricity is being provided to more than half of its citizens, there are two reasons why providing access to solar energy by initiating it as your business can help make money. First of all, due lack of electricity being provided to some of the people who either can’t afford it or experience power outrages like the people of Ghana did in 2015. Secondly, solar energy, being a natural resource, is free and simply requires a one-time payment for purchase and set up.

#15. Online Makeup Classes

In the world of fashion and growing awareness, almost every individual is aware of the latest makeup trends, which highlighter to apply and who is the most popular MUA (makeup artist). The idea of learning the tips and tricks of applying the right products is very important. And once you master this art, you are as good as a professional MUA. Makeup classes differ in nature from a salon. You can invite the students at your place, charge them a certain fee and cover the cost of the products to be used in it. Devote a number of hours each day to the class and at the end, issue them a certificate of appreciation. Read more

#16. Personal Trainer

People, both men and women, are always looking for trainers that can dedicate certain hours of their every daily lives to help them work on their body. Being a personal trainer requires training your body first to practice efficient exercises that can help lose weight or keep a person fit. Moreover, you will have to undergo a good course in Nutrition. Besides that, your passion for fitness has to be portrayed through posting your videos online, sharing your experience and certain programs or offers which can attract clients.

#17. Dairy Farm

As big as this sounds, a dairy farm does not have to hold up to a 100 livestock. Instead, you can create one in the back of your house or on the land you own even with as little as 5 cows. This could be a small scale investment with the target audience being the people of your neighbourhood or locality. After hiring two workers, every morning these five cows can produce a good amount of milk. This could be supplied to those who subscribe to your farm for fresh and pure milk each day at a certain amount per litre. This could be a perfect example of a small scale business in Ghana. Read more

#18. Boutique

Who would not like to get their clothes customised? With this special offer of ‘made-to-order’ clothing, Ghanaian men and women can order their clothes according to their size, choice of design and colour. Skirts, blouses, maxis, tuxedos, suits, all of these high-street fashionable clothing available under one roof at an affordable rate would grab the attention of innumerable customers! Read more

#19. Courier Service

Sending important items of great significance can be a problem therefore the idea of starting a courier service can be one of the most beneficial business ideas in Ghana. The correct method would be to start off from city to city. A small scale investment in Ghana could prove to be a large industry of Africa one day. All it requires is a few delivery boys and the right methodology to go about things.

#20. Book Shop

Turn your attic into an old book shop! Collect old books, magazines, articles and material from your friends, family and neighbours. Store them in the right order and charge a minimal membership fee if someone wishes to use the space as a library. This two-in-one strategy of a book shop combined with a library could be a literary business idea in Ghana. It would also promote knowledge and importance of reading amongst young Ghanaians.


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