Gold and silver coins are some of the most common investments that people choose. The price does not fluctuate much throughout the year, which makes it a great precious metal to keep. Purchasing genuine metal coins is different from purchasing jewellery. You need to buy it from a reputable dealer. 

Though silver and gold coins make a good investment, you still need to educate yourself about the method. It can be easy to lose the value of the coin’s investment, especially if you’re not well educated. The Lear Capital is one of the top-notch dealers selling numismatic rare coins and bullion (read more).

Why Gold IRA?

Being financially prepared for retirement is one of the important things to save money. People look up a solid footing in finance in numerous ways. One of the most popular is the gold IRA investment. The self-directed IRA becomes a popular approach for having a non-paper based investment. It also offers many other benefits than the conventional IRA account as the following. 

  • Investment Diversification – thinking of securing and protecting your wealth, diversification is a rule of thumb. Diversification becomes the sole reason to include gold and other precious metals as one part of your investment. When you have a diverse portfolio, you can avoid volatility. 
  • Value – different from other types of investment, gold has a high value. It does not depend on bonds, stocks, and other sources of funds. It has its own standard value that does easily weaken by economic factors. In fact, the returns have been positive for decades, and it also passed the inflation. This is why investing in this IRA is best because it has less risk (link: 
  • Security – the standard value of the metal makes it a safe and secure asset for investment. In response to economic inflation and instability, having some part of your wealth in this investment helps protect your assets. With the less possible risk compared to other investments linked to the stock market, it gives you peace of mind. 


Gold IRA offers some silver and gold products as well as investment services. Here is some brief information. 

  • Exclusive Coins – Gold IRA is the only precious metal dealer eligible to sell coins from Arctic Fox such as Falcon, Snowy Owl, Orca, and Grizzly Bear. These coins were issued by The Royal Canadian Mint. The coins come in two different sizes, which are half ounces and a quarter. 
  • Standard Coins – Aside from the exclusive coins, it also provides standard coins such as Sovereigns, Maple Leaf, Krugerrands, and Eagle. Other coins option is the premium one which are Austrian 4 Ducats, Indian Series, Liberty Series, and American Buffalo. You can search for other types of coins on the website, including its details. 
  • Gold IRA Service – this is one of the most popular services. This offers investment rollover from the conventional IRA to the gold IRA. Retirement investment should be diversified, and holding all of it in cash is not recommended. You can buy the program to have retirement assets in precious physical metals, particularly gold. 

The Responsibility Of The Custodian

When investing in this market, you need to choose the custodian. It is someone or company with legal and official authority to keep your items. The role of custodian can be passive or active based on the agreement between both parties. In general, the responsibility of a custodian is to supervise and report the transaction until it is done. 

Lists of consideration are needed before choosing the right custodian because you do not want to trust your items to the wrong party. You need to make sure that the company has a license and is legal. It has to be an official company with professional service. 

One of the good choices is Lear Capital since it has excellent customer service and support. As much as it sounds, Lear Capital is legit since it has profound experience in the field. You can also do more research on your own by reading reviews on websites online. 

The Challenges Of The Investment

Though the gold IRA is not affected much by the fluctuations, it does not mean that the investment comes with no risk. The main challenge of this is the expenses. Storing physical gold requires safe storage, which means you have to pay for a legal custodian since you cannot keep it on your own. 

Another challenge is fraud and theft from the custodian. Your custodian is the one to supervise and report the investment. They have access to your account and make it vulnerable to stealing and fraud. However, this should not stop you from investing in a gold IRA. As long as you choose a reputable and official custodian, rest assured that your investment is safe in the right hand. 


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