At the very core of excellent customer service for any business, large or small, is customer treatment over the telephone. It’s the very foundation upon which a company operates. Poor telephone etiquette can have severe repercussions on your business and rapidly send potential customers to one of your competitors instead.

If you’re a one-person business, such as a plumber, you can’t always answer your phone when busy on a job. A telephone answering service tailored to your individual needs is the perfect solution to this problem, and provides a good impression when your customers call.

More so than ever, in today’s hyper-competitive market, communication is key. Start by implementing these great tips today.

8 Ways to Wow Your Client on The Phone

  1. No More Than 3 Rings

A business phone should not ring more than three times before being picked up. Failure to do so could see your potential client hang up right there and then and seek the services of your competitors.

  1. Be Polite and Professional

Answer the phone with a positive and professional greeting. Following the greeting, give the customer your name and the name of the company.

  1. Put on A Smile

Did you know that research has shown that when a person smiles, it affects the tone of their voice, making it more friendly and pleasant? Also, don’t forget to speak clearly. Your voice should neither be too loud or too soft.

  1. Don’t Leave a Customer Hanging

If you have to put someone on hold, ask their permission first. When taking the person off a held call, thank them for holding. This shows respect for their time while on hold.

  1. Never Interrupt a Client

When a caller is speaking, listen, and show that you value what the person is saying. Do not interrupt a client and leave them to finish their sentences. If you do interrupt a caller accidentally, apologize.

  1. Return That Call

Always return a phone call if a return call has been promised. If you have set a time frame to return a call, stick to it. When you neglect to return a call, you give your prospective customers reasons to take their business elsewhere.

  1. Be Honest in Your Dealings 

Never say “I don’t know” when talking to a customer. The correct response would be something along the lines of “I will check on that for you”. Be specific and set clear expectations that you will do your utmost to resolve your clients’ issue.

  1. End on A Positive Note

End a call with positive closure such as Thank you for calling or have a good day. Ending the call is just as important as the initial caller greeting and lets the caller know you appreciate their business. 

How Phone Etiquette Affects the Bottom Line in Business

Good telephone etiquette goes a long way in retaining customers and creating a lasting impression of your business. Recent research indicates that 92% of customers believe 

suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.

The same goes for a bad experience and could even drive your customer to social media to complain. Negative publicity such as this for your business could eventually damage your company’s reputation and drive away clients. It goes without saying that your business revenue will take a hit if this happens.

Turn Clients into Loyal and Lifelong Customers

Look upon your customer as handing you a gift when they talk to you. It might be to complain, but at least they are letting you know how best you can improve your business.


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