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Drones are continuously making waves in both the videography and photography industries. Advancements in technology have led them to become more powerful while also being more accessible to consumers. They can cover areas faster than any other camera and are capable of shooting from lower angles than helicopters. They can provide a lot of value for all types of companies from small businesses to large video production companies. This article will cover the 8 best ways you can use drone videos and drone photography.

8 Best Ways to Use Drone Videos and Drone Photography

  1. Drone videos can be used to show and change perspective

When you want to focus on showing a specific perspective or changing it to hook a viewer, you can effectively do this by using drone videos. Zooming in or out with your drone gives viewers a better sense of the scale of your video’s setting.

A slow and steady zoom-in or zoom-out gives viewers a better sense of perspective what is happening in the surroundings. Viewers may initially see a small area until you zoom out with your drone and unveil that the area is larger than it seems.

You can also do the opposite by showing a sizeable wide shot of a city and then slowly zooming into the residence of your protagonist. This helps the viewers to interpret that the video will revolve around them immediately.

  1. Fast and close drone shots can heighten the tension and drama

Drone videos are also great at heightening drama in your narrative. When you fly your drone low and fast it gives you closer and more dynamic shots in your videos.

This is perfect for action scenes where you must follow characters moving quickly like in a chase scene. It heightens the drama and makes the action feel tenser to the viewer.

The audience will feel that something dramatic and important is happening in the video when your drone is closer to the action sequences that are being performed.

  1. Drone videos can be entertaining transition shots

Drone videos can also be an excellent way for you to use visually appealing transition shots between scenes. Different ways of using drone videos to transition between scenes is by transitioning between day to night and from one location to another.

You can take drone shots of a skyline to show the sun setting or rising. You can also use drone videos of a city as an establishing shot to let viewers know that the protagonist is currently in that location.

What’s great with drones is that you can even do transitions in a single shot. They are mobile enough to rise and fly to the next scene location if it isn’t too far away.

  1. Drone footage can provide you with an impactful ending to your videos

When creating videos, you should emphasise how you want to end your video since that is what the viewer will immediately remember after watching.

Drone videos can produce impactful shots that are appropriate for a video’s final moments. It can have many different movements like those stated previously to evoke a certain emotion effectively.

They are sure to leave viewers with a positive final impression because these drone shots are also visually appealing.

  1. Drone photography can provide unique views of exciting and eye-catching locations

When you want to showcase a breathtaking location, whether it’s a natural landscape or an architectural creation, drone photography can give you the most unique shots. They provide great angles when viewed from above or below so that you can showcase perspectives that ordinary people don’t usually see.

Getting these unique photos using drones is much easier than hiring helicopters or positioning yourself in unsafe areas.

Using drones is a great way to elevate other photography types like landscape and architectural photography since it gives photographers more variety and creativity.

  1. It can showcase your products in a creative and attractive way

Drone photography is one of the most attractive and creative ways to showcase how your products and services actually look like. The usual subjects for corporate drone photography can be buildings or locations, but there are still a lot of different offerings that can benefit.

Selling large products like homes, cars, ships, and other large equipment for construction and logistics can significantly benefit from the use of drone photography. Wide shots from drones can give customers a realistic scale of how large they are and how they can perform.

You will want to use different angles and views so that people can get an in-depth look at your products. These drone photos are a great source of information for customers that are interested in buying.

  1. The photos that you take can be an integral part of your marketing campaigns

It is essential for your business to establish a strong brand. This means creating the best content like photos and videos so that they can reach your target audiences. You will need consistent branding amongst all your advertisements like billboards, posters, brochures, and social media posts.

You can use the photos from your drone photography efforts in your marketing campaigns so that audiences can see more unique photos that they don’t get from other businesses. This makes it a lot easier for them to remember you over other competitors.

  1. You can upload the best drone photography on your social media accounts

Drone photography is perfect for social media feeds because it will immediately stand out among the usual photos and videos that can be viewed. It is excellent for making your business known as someone that provides engaging and rare content.

Posting your drone photography on social media gives you the best chance to reach out to your current customers. These customers can also share these high-quality photos with their friends and family by liking, commenting and sharing your posts.

Your business will immediately stand out once you get to master all of these 8 different ways you can make the most out of your drone videos and drone photography.


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