The way in which your workspace is designed can influence the mood, performance and productivity of your employees. A poorly designed office won’t motivate and inspire them to be at their best level of productivity.

For instance, a windowless office with old equipment, poor walls and dull lighting can negatively affect the employees’ performance. There are certain tips that you can implement so you get most from your working environment setting.

Here are five major office design tips to improve productivity in your workplace. 

1. Create a Quiet Environment for Your Employees

Cutting your office design budget too thin and trying to save too much money on office expenses can be counterintuitive and do you more harm than good in the long run. Also, trying to make the most of the space you have and increate its capacity has been proven to also have some detrimental effects on productivity.

This is because open design leads to lack of privacy, meaning that employees can easily be disturbed whenever attempting to concentrate on individual tasks. A 2013 survey by Gensler showed that 53% of employees were generally disturbed by external factors when handling private duties. 

A productive office will be one that provides a quiet environment for such kind of responsibilities. Partitioning other staff offices from the central office is ideal. It’s also wise to ensure that the décor matches the function. For a small space, it’s advisable to use dividers for some desks to break sight and reduce noise.

A commercial flooring contractors in Kent also advises office designers to use soft flooring such as carpet in order to keep noise levels down. It is also more comfortable under the foot for office workers and increases the feeling of well-being. 

2. Provide Enough Natural Light

Employees are likely to develop a negative attitude when working in a dull office environment with little or no natural light. This will severely affect their general performance. Sunlight is known to provide vitamin D to human beings, which in turn makes people feel happy. The happier the employees, the more likely they are going to be at their maximum productivity levels. 

According to some studies, natural light in the working environment also increases the sleep time of the employees. If employees are sleeping well, this can in turn, enhance their happiness and productivity.

It’s sensible to ensure that there is no screen glare though as this may have adverse effects. You need to design your office strategically to maximise natural sunlight and ensure that every worker gets a glimpse of the external world all through their day whilst reducing glare which may hinder their productivity.

3. Incorporate and Enhance Colour and Personality

Employees tend to be unproductive when working in a boring office. For enhancement, incorporate artwork on the walls of your office. This has a positive impact on the way employees work. Artwork can profoundly inspire and enhance the employees’ creativity which in turn improves productivity.

An attractive environment makes employees proud of their office which increases their happiness. It’s also ideal to have an inviting space whenever meeting your clients as this helps to increase their confidence and make them feel welcomed.

For a personal working environment, let your employees enjoy the privilege of adding a person item of their own choice, regardless of whether it’s a small desk plant or a photo of their family. This can also improve their productivity. 

4. Invest in the Proper Equipment and Tools

Having the best and brightest employees is not enough. Their potential can be best harnessed with the proper equipment and tools. It’s a good decision to provide your employees with comfortable and adjustable chairs since they will be seated most of the time. This boosts their morale and productivity in general.

Poor seating position is the primary cause of back pain and general sickness. Furniture that enhances good posture ensures that your workforce is healthy and happy and therefore productivity will be at its highest. Sitting with good posture and support is important!

Due to increased demand for agile workforce, numerous pieces of equipment and tools are used to increase workforce’s output and flexibility such as laptops, Wi-Fi, as well as team collaboration tools and software. These tools encourage your workforce and therefore increase their productivity. You also need a fast internet connection to ensure a smooth flow of projects.

It’s also wise to find a balance since every business is unique and different. Always make sure that you completely understand all of your employees needs and requirements and provide suitable equipment. 

5. Create a Social Area for Your Employees to Unwind

Creating a social area for your employees to relax and mingle is a significant factor that is usually forgotten by office managers. It is healthy and important to take a break and unwind from your desk.

Eating lunch at the desk should not be allowed, even if your employees wants to. They should be taking official breaks which is away from their office work to ensure that they are refreshed and at their maximum productivity level when they return. Segregate an area free from daily office pressure and stresses where your employees can comfortably take lunch, have a coffee break, hold informal meetings, stretch their legs and relax as well as get a view of the outside world. Just like the office, ensure that the area is well lit, preferably natural lighting from a window. It should also be attractive and comfortable.


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