Every business on the planet has something in common: they want to cut down on costs. 

Running a business is expensive. This is especially true during current economic times, where marketing costs are sky-high and hiring new employees is an expensive process. Fortunately, one of the best – and most effective – ways a business can save money is by switching to used vehicles, whether this is their cars or vans. 

More often than not, company vehicles cost a lot to buy and maintain, especially when they’re purchased brand-new. With used vans, this simply isn’t the case. 

In detail, let’s examine the 5 main benefits of used vehicles for businesses. 

1. You can potentially save thousands of dollars

For several years now, people and businesses have been embracing the world of used products. Unsurprisingly, used vehicles have been at the top of the agenda. 

According to CarGurus, their data highlights that a person can save at least $6,750 dollars when buying a 2-year-old used vehicle. When a business is reliant on multiple vehicles, you can see that this can lead to tons of money being saved. 

Best of all, businesses can now take advantage of used car finance, a scheme in which they pay for their company vehicles in monthly installments instead of upfront. In today’s world, it’s a no-brainer. 

2. Quality assurance

The majority of third-party sellers will come with quality assurance. This means that the used vehicles you buy will have been tested to ensure that they’re up to standard. Plus, if you experience problems further down the line, you can use the warranty to get a return on your vehicles. 

Typically, most used vehicles will come with a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year warranty. However, this is subject to the seller that you choose. Ideally, you should aim to go for the longest warranty plan available – just to be on the safe side. 

3. Improved customer service

Used vehicles can perform just as well as their brand-new counterparts. This means that you can keep your customer service levels high, whether your employees are out on the road to deliver products or conduct sales pitches. 

4. Better vehicle branding 

The money you save through buying used vehicles can then be put towards something else, such as vehicle branding. 

On the side of your vehicles, you’ll be able to add high-quality branding, from logos and imagery to contact details and star ratings. This is a great way to improve your public image and ultimately attract new customers. CarExpert provides good quality car reviews that might be helpful to you in choosing your car brand.

5. Go green 

In the current business climate, many companies are under pressure to go green. In fact, some customers will refuse to do business with a company unless they have green initiatives – which is something important to bear in mind. Make no doubt about it – customers care about the environment

So, by buying used vehicles, you’re massively helping the environment. Also, you can make this practice a part of your marketing: ‘Our employees drive used vehicles to help the environment’ – you get the idea! 

In addition to buying used vehicles, your business can also go green by choosing a renewable energy supplier and replacing direct marketing with internet-based marketing instead. 


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