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It’s no secret that high morale and greater productivity go hand-in-hand, which is why many top companies like Google and Apple say one of the keys to their success is the workplace perks they provide to their employees. While you might dream of adding amenities similar to those popular organizations, with slides, billiards, free meals and an on-site gym, most companies’ budgets require a much more simple approach. The better news is that there are plenty of budget-friendly ideas for your office’s breakroom to keep everyone happy.

perfect ideas for office break room

Caffeination Station

Anyone who has worked in an office will tell you how big of a role coffee plays in workplace culture. Many start their day with a morning latte and later head to the cafe for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

That caffeine tab tends to add up very quickly. Keep your employees alert without breaking the bank by providing a coffee station in the breakroom. Draw ideas from your local coffee shop and designate a spot in the breakroom for everyone’s coffee needs: sweeteners, milk/alternative milk, honey, etc. Add some herbal and caffeinated tea into the mix for tea drinkers as well.

Nutritious Snacks

If you’ve ever tried to concentrate on an empty stomach, you know it’s not an easy feat. Creating a snack station in your breakroom, keeping it stocked with healthy snacks in an organized display, is a great way to prevent brain fog, increase productivity within the team, and save money by purchasing in bulk. Some ideas include stocking the fridge with snack cheeses and yogurt cups, as well as setting up baskets with easy to grab snack-sizes of mixed nuts, oatmeal, and bags of healthy popcorn or chips.


Consider bringing games and puzzles into the break room to help the office unwind. Sometimes the best way to get creative juices flowing is to take your mind off work for a while. No need to splurge, going over the top with foosball or billiards. Board games, cards and puzzles are a great budget-friendly break room addition to help keep the team engaged and happy. Rummy, anyone?


While easy access to caffeine, nutritious snacks and relaxing activities can do wonders to boost office morale, physical activity is one of the best ways to stay sharp. If adding a whole workout room to the office isn’t exactly in the budget, perhaps dedicate a small spot in the break room for simple exercise equipment such as a yoga mat, exercise ball and jump rope.

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Don’t forget about the atmosphere. If your break room still looks like the inside of an empty cubicle, it’s time to ramp up the decor. No need to hire an interior decorator — keep it simple, fresh and bright. Get posters, scenic photos and colorful artwork to create a welcoming setting without putting a big dent in the budget. Flowers and indoor plants can make it even better.


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