Zoomcar’s rapid growth and popularity in the Indian market gives testimony to the fact that the self drive car rental option is one that more and more people are turning to for their commutation needs. However, there are still a lot of people who want to try out self drive car rentals, but are wary of doing so because of many real and imaginary ‘issues’ related with self drive car rentals. One of the major issues that they feel keeps people away from hiring a self drive car rental is that they have the impression that they will be financially ‘fleeced’ by the car rental company in case they get into an accident or an incident.

Here is what they say about collision coverage :-

While we cannot speak for all the self drive car rental companies out there, we at Zoomcar can assure our customers that we are definitely not out there to fleece you, or charge you exorbitant amounts of money, even if our vehicle is involved in a major accident. Yes, even if you rent a car from Zoomcar, and unfortunately have a collision, we will not be charging you exorbitant amounts at all. Zoomcar’s collision policy is clear, concise and customer friendly. This ensures that we comply with our ethical business model, and also ensures that our valued customers keep returning back for more Zoomcar experiences.

The Zoomcar Collision Policy is simple and clear.  We do not take responsibility for payment of damages in case a member is driving drunk, or in violation of the law. In all other cases, we realize that accidents happen and collisions may take place and we go out of our way to help our customers.  At Zoomcar, we have a full wrap third party insurance cover, which ensures that no matter what third party damages occur due to an accident, you as the customer do not have to pay for it. All we ask for is that you pay towards the repair of the vehicle up to a maximum amount of Rs.5000 only. This is generally covered by the security deposit that you make at the time of booking your vehicle.

Even if one of our cars gets badly damaged and has repair expenses running into huge figures, we will only charge you a maximum of Rs.5000 and arrange for the rest of the payment ourselves. So when you rent a vehicle from Zoomcar, you can be rest assured that the maximum liability that you will have even in the case of an accident or a major collision will be up to Rs.5000 only.

Apart from limiting customer liability, we at Zoomcar also ensure that help is at hand in case you ever have any trouble while driving one of our vehicles. In case a member is involved in any accident or incident while driving a Zoomcar vehicle, then all you have to do is call the Zoomcar office where you picked up your car, and we will ensure that help is at hand for incident resolution, tow back and any other help that you might need at that time. Our GPS monitoring ensures that we know the exact location of our vehicles at all times, and in case you are ever in trouble in a Zoomcar vehicle, we will ensure that you get help at the earliest.

So the next time you need a self drive car rental in Delhi, Pune or Bangalore, look no further than Zoomcar for a smooth and hassle free customer service experience. Of course, our fully serviced cars will ensure that you will enjoy the drive as well!


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