When you build a successful website, it can quickly become one of your business’s biggest assets. A successful website is not developed overnight. In fact, it takes a lot of skills and expertise to build a strong business website. One of the most influential factors when building a business website is what web framework you are going to use. 

This guide is here to help you learn more about what Django is and how it can benefit your business website. 

What is Django? 

The first step to understanding why you should be using Django for your business’ website is to understand what Django is. Django is a form of Python-based web framework that is free and open-source. Django follows the model-template-views (MTV) architectural pattern. Django was designed to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites which means that it is both secure, effective and quick to deploy. Some of the most famous sites that use the Django framework include Instagram, Spotify and NASA. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Django for Your Business’ Website? 

When you recruit Django developers with ScrumLaunch you can benefit from highly skilled individuals that can get you the highest value out of your business website. Some of the benefits of using Django to build your business’ website are listed below. 

1. Increased Production Time 

Django uses the KISS principle, which stands for “keep it short and simple”. Following the KISS principle means that the code used to build your business website just be brief, no code can exceed 60 lines, and easy to understand. Django also follows the DRY (do not repeat yourself) principle. This means that software patterns that repeat can be replaced by abstraction. Not only does this simplify the development process, but it also helps developers to avoid problems that are commonly caused due to repetitions in code.  

Both the KISS and the DRY principles make Django a preferable choice due to increased production times. 

2. Build a Secure Website 

Another reason why Django is so popular is that it is so secure and up to date. Django is constantly being updated and developed to ensure the utmost security. This means that using it for your business website can help you to avoid some of the dangers of a successful cyber security attack. 

3. Versatility 

Django is often referred to as the “master of all trades” in the industry and for good reason. Django is able to complete any project whether that is a large-scale social media application that hosts a huge volume of traffic every day or a smaller business application. 

4. Additional Features 

Another advantage of using Django for your business website is the quality of the additional features that are offered. Not only does it come with the frames that are needed to build a site from scratch it also offers a range of advanced artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning tools too. 

5. Reliability 

Django is not new to the marketplace. In fact, it has been going since 2005. As large organizations are still turning to Django to build their websites and applications, this shows the trust and reliability that the market has in the system. 


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