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When it comes to optimizing a website for search engine optimization (SEO), it is important to understand that it takes time. SEO is a process that requires patience, careful strategy and continuous effort to achieve successful rankings in the search engine results pages. It is not something that can happen overnight, no matter how much effort a business puts into it.

The amount of time it takes for a low or mid competition keyword to be achieved with SEO depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of content, the amount of existing competition for that keyword, the amount of work put into SEO activities, and the amount of time SEO has been in operation. SEO is a long-term process and as such, it may take several months or even years in order to see any significant results.

When it comes to SEO, there are many components to consider. First, businesses must do keyword research to determine which words and phrases are most likely to be used by searchers looking for the services and products they sell. Next, they have to craft content on the website that is optimized for those keywords. After the content is complete, then businesses must receive some inbound links to their website from other websites, usually from high authority websites and blogs. Finally, an SEO specialist will monitor the progress of the website’s rankings and make adjustments as needed.

Tasks and Timeframe

  • Website Audit: 1 Week
  • Keyword research: 1 Week
  • On-page optimisation: 1 month
  • Content creation: 2 months
  • Backlinks: 3 months

If you want to see the full potential of SEO, it’s important to give yourself at least 8 months to see measurable results. SEO is a long-term strategy and it takes a while for your efforts to start making a real impact on your website’s organic rankings. During those eight months, you should focus on creating high-quality content, gaining backlinks to your site, optimizing your website’s technical structure, and using other strategies to improve your website’s overall visibility. When it comes to SEO, patience is key, and allowing yourself 8 months at a minimum will give you the best chance of success.

All of these elements of SEO require time and effort. After investing in keyword research, it can take weeks before the content is written and posted on the website. It may take longer to receive inbound links to the website, as link-building is a slow and tedious process. Finally, it can take several more weeks or months to start seeing rankings improve in the search results as the search engines index and rank pages on the website.

For a business to make the most of their SEO efforts, they must be willing to invest the time and effort required to reach desired results. It is not something that can be “fixed” in a day, no matter how hard a business tries. Businesses must be patient and understand that it can take weeks or months to reach their desired rankings in the search results.

When explaining this to a client, it is important to emphasize to them the importance of investing time in SEO. It is not an overnight process, and when done properly, can have long-term results for businesses. It is important to remind clients that businesses have control over their own success; the more they invest in their SEO effort, the more successful they will be. Reassure clients that the time and effort being invested in SEO is worth it and will eventually reward them with improved search engine rankings.

Also, remind your client that results don’t happen overnight and it takes several months to make meaningful progress when it comes to SEO. While the average time to see improved rankings will vary due to the quality of their website, complexity of the industry, and of course, the competitive landscape of their particular market, clients should understand that SEO takes time and must have patience in order to see results.


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