Top 10 SEO Strategies in 2020

Why should you pay attention to SEO and to the newest strategies that could help your website get not only better rankings, but also a top position on the first results page on Google? – “Traffic is one of the main reasons why you want to be at the top of the list”, according to this article “Increase traffic through organic rankings”.

1. Find out what your competitors are doing by relying on an SEO tool:

There are SEO tools such as Ahrefs that will offer you the option to analyze the SEO strategies that actually work for your direct competitors. This way, you can learn exactly what works for them and personalize it to your own brand and direction. The right tool will analyze their strategies and give you accurate data meant to help you optimize your own approach to SEO in 2020. 

2. Use infographics:

You may be wondering what makes these infographics so great, but the truth is that many businesses and bloggers rely on them to make their content more interesting, easier to understand and most of all – to create a stronger impact on the person that is viewing their article, blog post, social media post and so on.

According to, “with the right strategy, infographics can double your traffic”. Try it and you’ll see that soon enough, all sorts of websites will link to yours, referencing your infographics.

3. Optimise your website to ensure there are no errors:

When visiting a website, a visitor expects everything to work perfectly. Otherwise, the moment it notices that a link is broken, a button does not work or they are faced with any type of error, their first reactions is to leave and look for what they need somewhere else.

Keep your website in tip top shape and you’ll surely not experience a drop in traffic because of these issues that can be so easily prevented. It does not matter if we are talking about fatal errors or even 404 pages. They must all be solved, fast.

4. Write better content:

This may seem like a logical one, but think about it. How much time you dedicate to the content that is currently posted in relation to your brand? Have you created it just so that you can optimize a specific keyword or have you actually thought about the needs of the user that your content can and will meet? The more relevant the content, the more it will help with your search engine ranking.

If you are not sure about what kind of content you should focus on, try and reach out to some professionals. Optimizing your website and attract genuine traffic are not objectives that are to be taken carelessly. Some of the Manchester SEO agencies are the best to rely on.

5. Take a look at the number and quality of inbound links, before you invest your time in improving this aspect:

Among the many different SEO techniques that you could try not only to improve your ranking, but actually keep the top one without risking your competitors to swoop in and claim it from right under you is regarding the inbound links, that link to your website. It’s essential to analyze the ones you currently have and based on the results, to reach for a higher number of backlinks from authoritative websites.

6. Think at user experience from the user’s point of view:

According to, when you do not provide access to a website that “website that resonates, your site takes too long to load, or you don’t answer the right question, the users will leave”. There are some important questions that you need to answer regarding your website.

The easiest way of learning what a visitor is thinking is to look at the experience you are offering them from their perspective and make the required improvements.

7. Instead of setting link building on auto-pilot, build relationships:

It may seem like opting for the classic approach where you ask a related website to link to your own is the best way to go. Well, if you want the results of your link-building efforts to last, it would be recommended that you build actual relationships with businesses and grow as partners.

This would involve some offline efforts that imply networking. These are the partnerships that will bring results in the online environment as well.

8. Organize the words you use in your content so that users resonate with your message:

This may be a bit challenging at first because when you first think about SEO strategies, you imagine relying on something a bit more technical such as ensuring that you don’t miss out on certain aspects such as setting a H1 tag.

However, when you think about it, it all jots down to the content that is provided to your target audience. If the words and language used mirror the ones used by your readers, your success rate will rapidly improve.

9. Start with keywords that apply to a specific niche, when creating content: 

One of the first SEO techniques that is usually listed on most checklists, when you are building your online presence is that when it comes to your website, the content has to revolve around a number of keywords.

So, you use all sorts of tools and come down with different keywords that might be related to your field. However, the best way of ranking high is to optimize your content based on a specific niche. Start small and grow from there.

10. Take a closer look at your mobile website:

This is something that cannot be stressed enough – due to Google’s updates that have happened in the last few years, mobile websites count more than desktop ones. That is mostly because users tend to rely more on their phones when they look for information, regardless if we are talking about reviews, a website, a product or a piece of information. Make sure that you optimize the mobile version of your website.

By using these SEO tactics, you will certainly manage to overcome your competitors. It will take some time as nothing regarding SEO (that is worth your while) can be done overnight. Be patient and consistent.

Although Google updates its algorithm daily, these are major aspects that you can work on to reach the top of search engine page results in 2020.


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