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When we hear of a particular business touching the heights of success, there stands a number of forces that let the journey quite simpler and easier. The combined efforts of the employee and the workers working under the esteemed organization make the business capable enough to face the hardships coming in the way. But can you imagine the scenario of that particular business when it faces the absence of the working and the supportive hands?

The loss makes the business suffers the worst even beyond the scope of your worst imagination. Excessive absence decreases productivity at work and so here we are to discuss this major problem of absenteeism and how to deal with it.

Absenteeism means the absence of workers from the work. Reasons are sometimes deliberate or habitual. But whatever the reasons are, the consequences are faced by the esteemed organization. So, before discussing some of the major loss in business let’s look at some of the reasons for absenteeism.

Reasons For Absenteeism

  1. Lack of motivation: – In an esteemed organization where a large number of employees scratch their hands for the growth and development of the company. However, a small number of them are motivated to go further on the track. This left them tired of the work and they feel quite comfortable at their home.
  2. Household tensions: – An employee who is the only earning person for his family are subjected to a number of pressures. Apart from the work they have to take care of the whole of the family members where they have to face a number of demands from them. This makes them depressed
  3. Lack of friendly environment at work: – When one is working in an esteemed organization there are a number of hardships faced by an employee. They are often subjected to the objectional words by the other coworkers and that is why they feel comfortable to stay at their home leaving behind all the tensions and worries of the work.
  4. Illness and injuries: – According to a survey report it has been found that there is $225.8 billion in the productivity loss annualy due to illness and injury.

The Cost of Absenteeism in the Workplace

According to a survey report and 94000 interviews conducted in a year, it has been found that the absenteeism causes a loss of $84 billion in productivity. The study conducted by the Centres for Disease and Prevention clearly claims the loss of $225.8 billion in the productivity due to illness and injury.

The loss in productivity due to absenteeism is very serious problem and it is generally very difficult to manage it. With the use of proper management software and other strict policies one can reduce the absenteeism and increase productivity.

The report also says that about 66% of the employees are working under stress and this cost a loss of $576 billion a year. According to the report conducted by Gallup Healthways on 109875 employees, the majority of them were found to suffer from a chronic disease which ultimately leads to the loss of $153 billion a year in the American Business. This loss is four times more than the loss in the UK which clearly indicates the less number of unhealthy employees at work.

Dealing with Workplace Absenteeism

1. It happens a number of times when some of the employees fake their sickness and stand out a reason to stay away from the work. Strict actions must be taken towards them for the sake of growth of the business. However, the people who are really sick or suffer serious injuries they must be given leave.

2. Provide exciting incentives to attract maximum employee’s attention towards the chore and companies have been successful in doing so. Companies have received a positive response from their employees and the productivity rate has also been subsequently increased.

3. Identify and manage pattern or trend of absenses among employee which causes concern.

4. Supervisor should conduct a review meeting with employee if he/she continues to absent regardless of regular monitoring.

5. According to AdvanceSystemsInc, use of proper workforce management software will help in keeping records such as time & attendance, absense management, etc. You can track, monitor and compare employee performance easily with the help of softwares. It will defi

6. Flexibility in working hours is very important, you shoud offer flexibility so that employee can swap working shifts as per their convenience.


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