With the advent of digital breakthroughs, security risks, and fraudulent activities have become rampant. Text scams have even experienced a spike within the six months post-pandemic and are not looking to die down at this time. Every day, we make most of our transactions online, making our financial information vulnerable to internet scammers, posing some challenges for financial institutions like banks and credit card issuers.

When traveling, everything is done on the Internet, from flight purchases to booking your accommodation or reserving for activities in your itinerary. Unfortunately, your Alaska Airlines Visa® credit card and other travel credit cards are not immune to this risk. However, financial institutions are obligated to make the safety of your financial information of utmost importance. 

For Alaska Airlines Credit Card holders, we have laid out the security measures that are incorporated into your card so you will have renewed confidence in using your card for your online booking and purchases.

First Lines of Defense For Preventive Measures

Credit card issuers have various ways to protect you from any security risks, and the first wall of protection is the security measures placed on your card, online account, and the card’s monitoring processes. Let us delve deeper into the details of each of these defenses to give you a better understanding of how these security measures work.

  1. Installed EMV Chip Technology 

The first and most important defense for physical card usage is that credit cards are equipped with EMV chip technology that generates a unique transaction code that changes for each purchase. This is an upgrade from the traditional magnetic stripe cards that store static information at the back of the card, which merchants use to complete your purchase.

  1. Employing Two-Factor Authentication

Your Alaska Airlines credit cards will ask you for a one-time code sent to your registered mobile device on top of your password before you can make a purchase. This extra layer of authentication lessens the chances of fraudsters successfully logging in to your account or even transacting with your details. This is extra useful when these scammers have somehow gained access to your passwords.

  1. Monitoring for Credit Card’s Unusual Activities

The third layer of the first line of defense is Alaska Airlines’ and Bank of America’s initiative to monitor your accounts for unusual or suspicious activities. They often detect any transactions that dubiously deviate from your standard spending patterns. They also flag transactions made in a location you do not often visit as potential fraud. Cardholders usually receive real-time alerts via text message, mobile app notifications, or email when these transactions get flagged down. This allows you to dispute the charge if you don’t recognize it promptly.

Second Lines of Defense are Your Safety Net

While these preventive measures are meticulously designed for enhanced security, they are not perfect. Scammers are getting more tech-savvy, and sometimes, unrecognized activities slip through. But you are not without any protections. Alaska Airlines credit cards have robust fraud protection policies and procedures if you’re targeted by these predators. 

  1. Protection from Liability for Unauthorized Charges

Federal law mandates that credit cardholders may not be held liable for unauthorized charges made on their card. If you promptly disputed a fraudulent transaction in your card or immediately reported a stolen or lost card, you are free of any responsibility for any charges. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your finances are protected.

  1. Process for Reporting and Resolving Fraud

Alaska Airlines prioritizes customer care and ensures that reporting and resolving a fraudulent charge is straightforward and efficient for its users. They have a dedicated fraud department that assists you in addressing your issues. Their helpful team will guide you through the reporting process, initiate an investigation, and issue you a new card immediately, if necessary.

Here’s a helpful site that offers sample dispute letters: https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/092016_cfpb__CreditReportingSampleLetter.pdf

  1. Assistance for Any Credit Card-Related Issues Abroad

Card troubles, like fraud or loss, can be a nightmare for travelers abroad. Alaska Airlines credit card provides international customer support and assistance services to address such occasions. You need not worry, as issues get prompt attention, and you might even get an emergency replacement card for your trip.

Third Lines of Defense is Your Responsibilities

Just because you are not held liable for most of the unrecognized charges for getting your card stolen does not mean you should not exercise some responsibility in keeping your account safe. Here are some tips to help you with your responsible credit card use:

  1. Keep your Financial Information Private

Avoid sharing your card information as much as possible, primarily through online messaging platforms. Also, be more cautious when placing your card information in online merchant sites and be sure to only make transactions with verified or official stores.

Here’s a helpful guide on only shopping securely. 

  1. Use Secure Online Payment Methods

Regularly update your login credentials for all your online accounts that contain your card information, and only use secure payment methods, such as PayPal and Apple Pay, among others. 

  1. Be Consistent in Monitoring and Reviewing your Statements

Regularly review your credit card statements or even your mobile app account that reflects real-time charges. Set up authentication measures and account alerts that allow you to receive notifications for every transaction.

Bottomline to Safeguarding Your Adventures

There are many gates that these opportunistic online scammers have to breach before reaching your money. While the first and second lines of defense are essential, you are the primary gatekeeper of your card. As the principal keeper, it is critical that you know how to secure your account and recognize the risk of exposing your personal information to anyone. Learn to be discerning with what is an authentic process from a fraudulent one.


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