When you have a number of employees at your company, you want to make sure that they will be kept safe while completing their role, especially during the current pandemic. Depending on what the job entails, this may alter the kind of protective equipment and safety measures that you could implement.

This may also change depending on guidelines and laws in relation to personal protective equipment in the workplace. 

Preventing the Spread of Germs

During periods where colds are rife, as well as during pandemics, you want to try and minimise the likelihood of staff illness occurring. While you may not be able to prevent all illnesses, you can take preventative measures to try to reduce germs from transferring between individuals. Opting for branded masks by Safety Stock, as well as investing in antibacterial handwash for all kitchen and bathroom areas in your building can give you some support.

These can either help to kill germs, before they can infect others, or act as a guard if one member of staff is coughing or sneezing. Branded safety masks not only make your employees feel safer throughout the covid-19 pandemic, but they can also promote brand awareness. 

Dangerous Work

Where dangerous work is involved, you may also be required to provide your employees with the proper equipment that will allow them to carry out their role safely. Something as simple as good quality gloves when using cutting machines can make a big difference between a small injury and potentially losing a limb. 

Safety equipment should be provided to individuals when they initially start at the company. It will also be up to the employer to replace these, at no cost to the employee, should they become worn or broken. In situations where it is clear that neglect on the part of the employee has led to any damage, you may then be permitted to charge for a replacement. At no point should any employees be undertaking dangerous work without using their protective equipment, as this could very well lead to avoidable injuries. 

The use of protective equipment should be featured in your company policies and procedures, and made available for all to read and have access to.

Open Communication

If an employee has concerns about a colleague’s working practice, the safety of a piece of equipment, or even their own knowledge regarding a task, it is imperative that they feel able to broach this with yourself, or another manager on duty. This can allow the situation to be investigated, to keep the workplace safe for all.

This may involve an employee attending additional training, disciplinary measures, having a machine serviced, or replacing a piece of equipment. These communications may also help to improve general working life, and can go a long way towards performance reviews and other audits.

A safe environment is one in which employees may be happier to work in, due to the care and consideration that the employer provides. In addition to this, you will be helping yourself to maintain legal compliance, and reduce the likelihood of employee injury. When proper training and safety equipment are brought together, this will allow for competent staff with a good working knowledge of how to carry out their tasks safely.


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