There are very few ways in which you can influence customers’ buying power. However, there are some which have such extraordinary outcomes that they really should be taken advantage of.

These influences can work through a multitude of businesses and can have a lasting effect sometimes long after the business itself has either stopped using the influence, or the business has stopped trading for whatever reason.

A company or product catchphrase

The influence which sticks in everybody’s minds is, of course, a catchphrase. Even with very little thought, there are a fair few catchphrases that float to the front of your mind, probably quite a few from your childhood, and no doubt you remember exactly what product they were for. If by saying, hearing, or seeing a simple phrase, your business or product is brought immediately to mind, you are already in their subconscious mind, and your business is known.

Coming up with any catchphrase ideas may come easy to you, or they may not. In most cases, a little help or brainstorming with others can be beneficial. To get the most out of your catchphrase, it will need to be either connected to your product or to your company, and it should not have been used before for other businesses or be too similar.

Certain algorithms work better than others when it comes to remembering phrases and also think about short snappy sayings rather than long, drawn-out ones.

How to use a catchphrase

So, you and your team have thought of a snappy catchphrase that just rolls of the tongue and is easy to remember. Now you have to think about where you can use your catchphrase to get it known and linked to your business or product.

Well, there are a few different ways you can go about this. You can apply it to all advertisements for your business or product. This can be really great if you want to go down the route of radio, TV, or social media advertising, and then your catchphrase will be heard over and over again even when the listeners are unaware or are listening with half an ear.

Increase brand awareness

You can also have your catchphrase put on the products themselves or on any packaging which your business sends out, whether this is by courier, post, or handed to the customer directly to carry around with them. This will automatically make any package you send out recognizable to your business and, when seen, will also bring your business or products to the forefront of people’s minds even if they do not know what it is in the package, and they only see the catchphrase.

This also adds up to be free advertising for your business and can be used as a promotion tool as well. 

To wrap it up

So, as you can see, having a good catchy, snappy catchphrase can really influence your potential customer’s buying choice. It keeps your product or business at the forefront of the mind when your catchphrase is seen, heard, or said. Just think of some of the ones which you know, even ones from your childhood are still prominent in your mind.


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