Many youngsters who are just about to join the job market ask the question of whether there are any jobs that are fun but also pay well. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there that fit the bill.

These are seven of the top picks that are never boring and that are also financially rewarding.

#1. Private Island Caretaker

If you have some landscaping and lawn and garden skills, how about taking care of a private island owned by the super-rich? Believe it or not, these jobs are available. You can soak up some sun as you look after one of the hundreds of private islands worldwide. True, the island isn’t yours, but you can easily make six figures this way.

#2. Video Game Designer

If you have some programming skills, video game design pays well, and you’ll surely enjoy creating worlds and bringing them to life. Just think of it: when you put out a new video game, millions of people around the globe will discover your brainchild, and they will play as the characters of which you conceived.

#3. Ethical Hacker

This is another IT job that you’ll enjoy. Ethical hackers are hired by companies who want them to test out their software to see if it has any vulnerabilities. You can get the skills you need for this job by looking into ITProTV binge-worthy learning for IT pros, and then you can start asking around to see who wants to avail themselves of your services.

#4. Food Critic

If you have a distinctive writing style and an adventurous palate, why not become a food critic? You can dine for free in all of the fanciest restaurants around, and you’ll get the best service because the staff knows the clout that you wield. You’ll need some journalistic skills and an exceptional vocabulary.

#5. Nascar Mechanic

If you like fixing up cars, and your heart beats faster when you watch Nascar drivers tearing up the track, look into becoming a mechanic for these speed demons. Mechanics on the Nascar circuit make a respectable salary, and they get to be up close to the action.

#6. Fortune Cookie Writer

It’s not something about which you usually think, but someone has to write all those fortunes that grace the end of a Chinese takeout meal. If you can write wise or pithy platitudes, then this could be the job for you. You’d be surprised by how much fortune cookie writers make, and you can spread your wisdom to the people.

#7. Hollywood Stunt Person

If you were the daredevil of your neighborhood or your classroom, then why not go to Hollywood and become a stunt person? The job pays well, and you get to mingle with movie stars too. If you’re addicted to danger, this is a profession that promises your days will never be dull.

With so many fun jobs out there, young people shouldn’t have any trouble zeroing in on a career that’s both lucrative and stimulating. There’s nothing that says life needs to be boring, so make the most of it.    


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