Investments today seem to be one of the most relevant tools for earning money. Anyone can use them. It is enough for an investor to have a certain amount that he is ready to invest in companies operating in tropical areas of the economy. A good investment approach is to invest in a diversified mix of assets that have the potential to generate returns that exceed the costs of ownership over the long term.

Investment trends of 2022 are represented by technology, pharmaceutical, and industrial companies. Also, the attention of traders is attracted by commodity markets and cryptocurrencies.

Prospects for gold in 2022

If we consider the most popular investment instruments, then among them you can almost certainly find shares of gold mining companies. In the outgoing year, gold quotes are far from their maximum values, as many investors have switched to more relevant industries, including pharmaceuticals. Also, a long-term decline in economic activity has led to the fact that the value of the number of companies is increasing, so the yield on securities in the industrial segment is increasing. No less excitement is observed in the cryptocurrency segment. At the same time, such a trend can be quite dangerous, since the revaluation of assets always leads to an adjustment in their value.

Gold is a defensive asset. Already in November 2021, there is a certain prerequisite for a change in quotations per ounce in the direction of growth. Tightening of monetary policy in some of the largest economies in the world will take place gradually, so there will be no significant change in the value of gold.

The sphere of socially responsible investment

One of the most popular areas for deposits in 2021, which will remain in the next year, is socially responsible companies. Many companies that adhere to a policy of high social or environmental standards have shown significant growth over the past 2 years, outstripping the results of the corporation from the S&P 500 index. To get investments for your project from any of the relevant segments, it is enough to use the offer of the JKR (Joker) investment group. More details about the requirements for startups and the work of the group can be found here.

If we talk about attractive projects for investment in the field of socially responsible investment, then the following options should be highlighted:

  • iShares Global Clean Energy. This includes enterprises that are engaged in the extraction of energy from renewable sources. The consortium brings together companies operating in Canada, China, and European countries. The stock return in 2021 was 18 percent.
  • Thornburg. This tool is suitable for investors who prefer to invest in the industrial sector. The fund is also actively developing information technologies. Fund participants are semiconductor manufacturers, recruiting services, and other enterprises. The return on stocks in 2021 was 30 percent.
  • Vanguard. The fund offers to invest in shares of well-known companies, including UnitedHealth or JPMorgan. In total, there are more than 1,500 different promotions available, so everyone can choose the right option. The fund’s assets are worth more than $ 5 billion.

Considering various options for investment, it is also worth paying attention to the gaming industry. This direction can be quite risky, but you can find reliable companies in it too. These include Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft, which are highly profitable stocks. New titles do not always pay off, although the costs of their development are lower, so if successful, investors can get a good profit.


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