Exploring a global market is the best way to build a successful business. Not surprisingly, many entrepreneurs follow immigration goals right from the early stages. Italy is among the best destinations to reach a global market because of its strategic location and favorable business environment. More importantly, it offers an easy immigration route with an investor visa. If you want to explore the option, here is a detailed guide by Bersani Law Firm to understand the journey. Let us explain how you can leverage the Italian investor visa to reach a global market.

Easy eligibility through multiple investment options

Your first step towards obtaining an investor visa is eligibility. It is perhaps the easiest through the investment route as money is all you need to qualify. The good part is that you can explore multiple investment options and pick the one that matches your preference and budget. Here are the options-

  • Innovative startup in Italy- €250,000
  • An Italian business- €500,000
  • A donation in a public project- €1 million
  • Purchase of government bonds- €2 million

Since you have different options in investment types and values, you get the benefit of flexibility. You can collaborate with an expert to assess these options and opt for the ideal one.

Get a head start with your global reach

After choosing your investment option, you can begin with the process right away. Since it is a two-step process, you can expect to complete it within a few months. Once you have the investor visa, you get a head start with your global reach. It empowers you to live and work in Italy and bring your family along. You can travel across the EU even without a visa. So flying to the Schengen countries is a breeze. Meeting clients, making collaborations, and selling all across the EU do not require a lot of work. You can expect to build a global brand sooner rather than later with a business in Italy and clients all over the EU.

Establish a global business for generations

Building a presence in Italy and around the EU is only the start. You can settle in Italy for good and build a legacy for the generations to come. An investor visa sets you up for citizenship in the long run, provided you are willing to hold the investment in the country. You can renew the two-year residence permit for another three years, following which you become eligible for permanent residence. After living in Italy for a decade, you are eligible for citizenship by naturalization automatically. Once you are an Italian citizen, the country becomes a home for you and your family. They can live here, grow your business, and bequeath it to the next generations. 

If reaching global markets is your dream, setting up your business in Italy is a great idea. The Italian investor visa gives you the right start as it empowers you to extend your reach across the EU. Unlock this opportunity with a hassle-free process and embark on your dream venture. 

Author Bio: George Davis is a freelance content writer and creator working with SubmitCore. He has a good command in business and finance area which helps audience to get a relevant information through his blogs.


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