People search by a first name can be incredibly hard. Imagine finding a Kevin—hundreds of thousands of Kevins in the United States. The trick to the question, ‘How to find someone with just a first name‘ is to streamline the search; that is, target your search within specific parameters so that it becomes easier and easier, and the lists lessens. 

This is investigative work, folks!

Let’s set a scenario: 

You meet a friend at a train station. He tells you he is heading towards Oklahoma from your city. He gives you his name. Let’s call him Ken. He also writes his number on a piece of paper and asks you to call him when you get home. Now, you like Ken, but by some misfortune, you misplace his number. What do you do? 

At all times, you need to work with what you have. You have a Ken heading towards Oklahoma. You guys met in New York. He loves taking the train. He likes the Beatles (so he is a rock fan). 

Use a People Search Tool

Or not! It’s obviously too early to start paying for a search tool. A first name search on a search tool will produce all the Kens on their database, and unless you have the time or the AI to go through a hundred thousand Kens, you should dump this idea—at least for now. When you find people by a first name only, the last place to start your search is an online search tool. 

Hire an Artist

Ever seen a movie where a face artist would draw a person based on the information the witness provided? He’s a Caucasian male, early thirties, with dark hair, full eyebrows, over 6 ft tall, wide smile, and hair cut in a certain way. With excellent description, an artist should be able to come up with a near lookalike of your Ken. 

Now that you have a picture, it’s time to kick things a notch. 

Visit the Train Station

Take his picture to the train station and ask around. Perhaps, somebody would have bumped into him. You could be lucky enough and meet an official who would promise to call you if she ever saw him again. 

If that’s a dead end, think about your conversation. Most times, people reveal a lot of details about themselves when they speak with people they like. Did he tell you where he grew up? Where does he work? What school did he go to? Did he mention a celebrity and claim they grew up together? These questions will help you piece together Ken’s profile. You have his picture; it’s time to ask people questions. Call his old school and send his picture to them. He might just be the prom king—a popular kind of guy. 

Streamline Your Search

If you want to find someone with just a first name, you have to streamline your search. Perhaps he was in New York for an event, and the admin’s head has confirmed to you that Ken, indeed, went to Sussaxxane High. Now you know his first name, last name, and high school. Let’s hit Facebook. Input the details in your Facebook search. Try Ken Matt (His last name is Matt), New York, Sussaxxane High, and then repeat the process for Oklahoma. Check if there is an Old Boys Association group for the school and speak to the group’s admin. 

Use a People Search

Now it’s time to run a first name search—only this time, you won’t have just the first name. You are equipped with the last name, high school, and two cities. And oh, you also have a picture. When you find someone with just a first name on a people search, you get tons of answers, but with this, you get perhaps three hundred profiles, and with a picture that matches your description, you will get just who you are looking for eventually. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to find a person?

Yes, it is legal, except the person has a restraining order against you or you are searching for illicit reasons.

Are Search tools legal?

Absolutely! What you do with your search is your business. Online people search tools provide services, and are not liable for your actions, inactions, or consequences of your search. 


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