Hiring people is never easy, so the way in which you advertise a job is extremely crucial in finding the right candidate to fulfil the job role. And online is the way to go to find the best person for the job, this short guide will explain just how to do it.

Create a job advert:

You can create a job advert on many platforms whether it be on your company website, social media or job hiring services like indeed. These are all great platforms to gain attention for a job, especially social media and many people can share content and can find the right person much more easily.

Some job adverts use images which can be great in catching people’s eyes so they click on the job however sometimes can be seen as a bit childish depending on the content and job.

Make sure that when posting a job advert that the company name is visible and location and number/email. This allows interested individuals can contact you if they have any extra questions regarding the job before proceeding with the process. This shows that you are an approachable company and that you are caring about your employees. 

Writing a summary about the company and its expectations are important to make sure the individual is aware of what they are signing up for.

Picking a job title is crucial to attracting the right candidates, making sure the title projects what the candidate must qualify in to gain this job.

Write an appealing and clear job description:

Writing a job description where you highlight all the key factors while not rambling can often be hard, but we will help guide you on how to write a job description that is intriguing and interesting.

When writing it you must always remember that you are providing a snapshot form of the life one will be entering when they get the job. Many factors go into the job description but sometimes you don’t need to add everything that is linked to the job. Remember that a job description should not be super long and overbearing, a maximum of around 2,500 words long depending on the job.

Briefly but effectively explain what the job is and the main tasks the individual will be required to complete. Then explain the main skills and requirements needed for the role and how they can meet them, also include the characteristics you hope the person possesses. 

Be honest and straight to the point because you and the candidate do not have time to waste. Including what makes the company unique and how the culture of the company is a great part of attracting employees as a working environment is important when dedicating yourself to a role.

You can also include additional information such as personal development aspects and if there is room to learn new skills etc.

Remember to include other key information which may be specifically tailored to your company.

Include key information:

These are the most important pieces of information you should include in your job description to make it the most effective.

Always include the specific or estimated salary so candidates are aware of how much they will be working for. Do not forget to include the job type whether it is full-time or part-time, fixed contracts etc and what day and hours you require the candidate to work.

Always provide contact details and make it clear the process in which you want the candidate to apply so they do it correctly. 

Highlight positives of the job and environment:

Highlighting the positives of the company can help towards gaining employees. For example, if the job provides food for the individual this is a great selling point, and the candidate will see that the company is caring and gives back to employees who work hard for the company.

Hopefully, this short guide has helped you to understand how to create an intriguing but professional job advertisement, let’s hope you find the right employee.


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