The public usually sees Google ads as an ‘easy way out, or something that just takes money away from people. While it’s true that using Google Adwords requires effort on your part, there are many benefits to using them, too. Here are reasons why you should consider Google Adwords:

1. It builds brand awareness

If you’re a business owner who wants to increase visibility and improve brand recognition, the use of paid advertising through Google is one of the best ideas around. Your message will be sent straight to your target audience in their search results which means users would be more likely to click onto your advertisements than if they saw what you had to offer on social media (like Facebook If you can work out how to make it work for you. Facebook Ads can be a helpful tool, too)

2. You control your budget, and the cost is transparent.

When we talk about Google Adwords in Singapore, one of the most popular misconceptions people have is that it’s an ‘easy way out. The reality couldn’t be farther from that sentiment. When you use an online advertising service such as Adwords, you’re buying keywords related to your business. These keywords are what trigger matching advertisements to show up when someone searches on Google using those terms. What does this mean? It means that if somebody clicks onto your ad and makes a purchase or gives their contact information so you could follow up with them later on, YOU GET TO SEE EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you’ve earned from that purchase. It’s a good deal, and it allows you to know exactly how much your advertising is costing.

3. The returns can be huge.

There are plenty of ways advertisers using Google Adwords could potentially get great results, such as getting their business name out to more people or increasing visibility and brand awareness. Still, the biggest benefit has to be ROI (return on investment). Since advertisers only pay when somebody clicks onto their ad, they will see increased return every time somebody purchases once they click through, which means it’s better than paying for brand exposure on social media since users may never purchase after seeing the ads.

4. You can target your ideal audience.

While it’s true that you can use Google Adwords in Singapore to improve brand awareness and visibility of your business, you’re not going to see results if your advertisements are being shown on social media, where the majority of users have no intention of spending money. This is why it’s a good idea to create a campaign that targets only those interested enough in your products or services that they would go onto a search engine and look for what you have available – this ensures maximum exposure with every click.

5. Your ads will appear when people are most likely to take action.

There may be certain times when nobody is looking for your products or services – say, early in the morning before people start their day, or maybe during the weekend when everybody is out and about. This is why you’ll need to consider carefully what time of day your ads are going to appear – it’s easy for you to choose if you’re only paying whenever somebody clicks on your ad. Still, if you’ve got a Google Adwords free Singapore monthly plan, then you’re usually limited in terms of control over when they show up.

6. You can measure the success of your advertisements easily.

Since Google provides detailed reports on each campaign showing how many views your ads received, how much traffic this generated, and which keywords were most successful, advertisers using Adwords can make important decisions about their advertising strategy after just one month. Since there isn’t any other way of measuring social media marketing, advertisers have a huge benefit over online marketing strategies that are not based on pay per click.


The key takeaway here is that you have to keep experimenting with your advertising strategy or miss out on some of the biggest benefits that Google Adwords can offer. Take what has been outlined in this article as a starting point for working out how to improve your ROI, but try out new things regularly – after all, one month isn’t enough time for any good businesses to fall into place.


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