At some point, you will have encountered a giving page, whether to raise money for some life-saving treatment or to help fund someone’s career if they are an influencer you follow. With the change in the economy and finances, more people are turning to sites where people can donate to help them have the money they need to survive. But how are these sites being used to help people, and is it beneficial? 


Influencers have started, more often, using donation sites or subscription sites such as Patreon to help fund their careers, this is due to the uncertainty of their income. The ability to open subscription sites or create a just-giving page to ‘buy a cup of coffee’ for the creator has helped them to continue doing the job they love. 

Not only this, but these services sometimes give people more content. In most cases with Patreon, people will get content earlier or more content than the influencer will post online, this is to give people a reason to continue funding them.

Another way you can support your favorite influencer is by joining their YouTube fan base, this is a way to contribute to the creator without YouTube having to pay them. Unlike with ad revenue and being paid by advertisement joining a YouTuber’s fanbase on YouTube can help keep them in a steady income. YouTube pays based on followers and views and one way to ensure that your favorite YouTuber can continue to produce content is to support them. 

Places Of Worship

With more modern times and again the rising cost of living churches and places of worship are struggling in terms of donations. Whereas previously people would place money into the collection basket during a service some people either don’t have change or cannot afford to. This is where sites like a church’s online giving platform can help. If a church opens an online giving platform this will allow people who worship there to donate when they can digitally rather than having to have change or cash available to put into the collection at worship. 

A lot of different places of worship would struggle to remain open and warm for those who need a place to go. Due to churches commonly being used for mother-baby groups and the elderly having a church online giving platform would allow for people who attend these to also contribute to the church remaining open. 


There has also been a rise in people using funding or just giving sites to help raise money for medical expenses for children or sick people who cannot afford the treatment they need to live. These types of donations come from people online, who may have never met this person but want to help. These have also been used in situations where someone has died and needs a funeral with no money available. 


Whether you believe in giving people money for nothing or you are a strong believer that charity can help. If you do not want to donate that is a personal choice, however, sites like this have not only helped people get the treatment they need and keep food on the table for content creators in an uncertain economy. This is why giving sites can be very beneficial.


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