You can split search engine optimisation into three main categories: local, national, and international. Local SEO is something that many of the more prominent companies neglect as they tend to focus more on national or international campaigns.However, there are many benefits for optimising your website locally.

If you provide your products or services to your local area, you will want to consider starting a local SEO campaign. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you optimise your website for local search that can prove lucrative and help your business become successful.

Give Your Online Visibility A Boost

As with any form of an SEO campaign, local SEO can help to improve your online visibility and get you to the coveted top-five position of the search results for your chosen keywords and phrases. If you are not in the top five positions, many potential customers will not know you exist as the top positions enjoy almost 70% of the clicks. Appearing higher in the search results will increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website. If you are keen to find an SEO specialist,there are many excellent digital agencies that offer small business local SEO services that you can work with to improve your online visibility locally.

Embrace Your Local Community

When you have a successful local SEO campaign, and everyone in your area knows your business, it helps establish you in the local community. People often prefer to buy from local companies, even if they pay a little more for the products or services they buy. They feel that it is a way of giving back to their community, so tapping into this can be highly lucrative for your business.

The Traffic To Your Website Is More Relevant

When you optimise your website for local search, you can also find that it can drive more relevant traffic to your site. You can enjoy a higher CTR and conversion rate when the visitors to your website find you through a local search. You need to ensure that you optimise your website and content for local search to prevent irrelevant traffic to your site, such as overseas visitors. When done correctly, you can find that most of the clicks you receive have a higher intent of making a purchase and significantly boost your sales.  

Build The Trust & Authority Of Your Website

When you are ranking highly for your chosen keywords in local search, you will also help to build the trust and authority of your website. Search engine users trust that the highest-ranking websites have been vetted by the search providers such as Google, so they are happy to place their trust in the sites it shows them. 

Increase Sales

One of the best benefits of ranking highly in local search is that it will help to boost your sales. The more sales you get, the more successful your company is, and it can be the catalyst to help your company grow and potentially even expand the area you target with your business. 


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