billboard design examples

Mobile billboards provide a one-of-a-kind canvas for you to express your creative side. Because outdoor advertisements cannot be avoided or blocked, this form of advertising provides a tangible opportunity to attract people’s attention. At first, it could be difficult to cut through the noise and chaos that characterizes an outdoor setting.

But if you want your mobile billboard campaign to be the most successful possible, follow these guidelines.

1. Always Keep Things Simple

Because the vast majority of people will only glance at your mobile billboard momentarily and in passing, it is essential that you communicate your message clearly and concisely. When advertising on a mobile billboard, it is advisable to concentrate on only one of your company’s many amazing goods and services at a time; nevertheless, your company undoubtedly provides a wide variety of these. The viewer is likely to get overwhelmed and simply move on to the next item if too many signals are flowing at them.

2. Make Things Specific

If your mobile billboard is going to be driving around a specific region, you need to tailor your advertisement to the city specifically. You may want to include sayings that are exclusive to inhabitants of the specific, or you may even want to investigate the possibility of having a local celebrity, such as a well-known athlete, participate in your advertisement.

Your prospective customers will see from this that you are actually a member of their community and that you understand both them and the priorities that are important to them. In addition to that, the personal touch will undoubtedly assist in setting your advertisement apart from the competition.

The use of mobile billboards in advertising is a fantastic method for reaching the largest amount of people who could be interested in your products or services. Be sure to keep things straightforward and steer clear of utilizing an excessive amount of language, both of which might distract from the primary point you’re trying to make.

3. Use Images Rather Than Text

Again, bear in mind that the potential consumer who sees your billboard will only have a short amount of time to read and comprehend the information it contains. If you have reduced the quantity of reading required of them, they will have a much simpler time completing this task within the allotted window of time.

Images of your items or even just your company’s emblem should be your primary focus. On your mobile billboard, you could want to incorporate a motto or any other important words, but you should try to avoid using too much text. When creating the design, you should keep in mind that you have around five seconds on average to produce an impact that will stick with the person.

It’s tempting for many companies to include all they offer on a single billboard in an effort to promote themselves. However, if there are too many pictures on the billboard, it may be too much for the viewer to take in, and they may become confused about what it is that you provide.

Invest a little time and effort into choosing a single striking image that concisely and properly summarizes what your company is all about. This might be the logo for your company, or it could be an example of one of your memorable events. The best course of action is to make sure that you are not inundating the reader with an excessive amount of photographs.

4. Look at the Design from a Distance

Remember that most people will notice your mobile billboard from a distance, whether they see it from their own automobiles or when they are going through an outdoor market. Take several steps backward and examine your design from a more objective vantage point before giving it the go-ahead.

Ensure that the text is legible from a moving vehicle or from a distance in a park by making it sufficiently large. Check the contrast of the colours to ensure that they are easy to see and that the combination is aesthetically acceptable. The number of individuals exposed to your advertisement is severely reduced if they are unable to view it from a distance.


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