Hosting training for your staff can enable them to work better as a team, as well as to learn and develop skills that will make them more competent within their role. Some types of training may be mandated for the type of work they do, or provided by an external provider, however others may be down to your discretion.

If you know of a problem area within your team’s work, or simply want to enable them to build on their confidence, then training can be a great way to alleviate issues and solidify their skills.


Whether you want to invite the entirety of your workforce, or simply a few individuals who will either benefit from extra support, or the training relates directly to their role, using online invitations with rsvp free can help you to gauge the number of attendees without needing to pay out for paper invitations. These can also remain in an employee’s email folder, or even synchronise with their calendar, meaning they are unlikely to get lost or the event forgotten.

You can then also chase up those who have yet to respond, and investigate why others have declined the invite. 

An online invitation system will also make it easier to create a register to check who is in attendance on the day, both in case of a fire or other emergency, and to possibly issue certificates of completion at the end.


Having some team-building exercises during your staff training day can help workers to bond and build upon their existing levels of teamwork. These can involve getting to know more about each other to instil good working relationships, or even some trust-related exercises or problem-solving that will allow your staff to use all their skills together to complete a challenge. These exercises can also be a good way of breaking up the educational aspects of the day, whilst injecting some fun into your sessions.

Length of Time

You may wish to alter the length of your training, depending on the content provided within. If your training is likely to be completed within a couple of hours, it would be foolish to try and drag it out over the course of the working day, when you can save on time and money by condensing it into a realistic time period.

Likewise, if there is a lot of material to go over, or skills to learn, you may want to branch the training out over a whole day, or even several days, to ensure that topics are not rushed and there is time for delegates to ask questions.

Staff training days can help your team understand more about the processes used within your company, as well as the best ways to implement these. It can help to solidify understanding and build on existing skills, meaning an employee’s abilities and time can be used more effectively than before.


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