Mass marketing is a thing of the past, niche and targeted marketing is now an expectation of most customers. This can allow you to really engage your audience and make them feel special. Custom messaging allows for you to get your marketing message across, whilst targeting a specific audience. 

There are many different forms of custom messaging that can be used to attract your audience; the most well used are email, post or text messages. The business benefits of custom messaging are ten fold, below are some of the most beneficial reasons for you to adopt it.

Customer Engagement 

The most influential benefit of custom messaging has to be the increased levels of customer engagement. Through making your written communications with your clients personalised, it makes them feel valued. This in turn can increase their engagement levels with your business, either through sales or leaving reviews. 

The more engaged a customer is with your brand; the more likely they will buy, recommend and continue shopping with you over other brands. A great example of personalising a message to increase engagement would be sending a customer a special gift, thank you message or a voucher for money off their next order. You could even check their purchasing behaviours and provide them more information on the items they like. 

Increased Retention Rates

Custom messaging can influence your clients to come back and keep on choosing to invest in your business. If you can interact with your clients and let them know that you appreciate them, they will be more likely to shop with you again. Subtle messages can go a long way, but you should be sure to not over do it. Some businesses end up bombarding their clients, even if they are personalised, it can have a negative effect. 

Be sure that your fully customizable messages positively impact your audience. To increase retention rates, you should spend some of your marketing budget to find out the best form of message to contact your clients with, and what promotions they react to the best.

Brand Awareness

All businesses hope that their marketing plans will increase their brand awareness. Brand awareness can be influenced as simply by increasing visibility to your clients. This can be done in a myriad of different ways; one of the top ways would be investing in customized messages. This allows you to increase your brands recognition and awareness within your target market with ease. It will increase your ability to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

These various forms of client messaging can be really easy and instant to connect and get a response from them. If the customized messaging platform you choose to invest in operates smoothly, your customers will associate this with your brand, even sub-consciously. Ensure you have enough budget to invest in technological advancements. This way you can offer the quickest, smoothest and most cost-effective messaging service for your business and the clients. 

Relationship Building

Custom messaging can directly impact the relationship building capabilities of your business. You can find out which variation of messaging they are most responsive to, the certain discounts or information they want to see and if they are interested in learning new things about your brand. This way you can tailor your communications on a customer-to-customer basis. 

Naturally, relationships need to be built overtime; they also need to have a variation of elements that will positively impact the customer’s decisions. Nevertheless, your customized message could be deciding factor and influence you to be loyal and build a long-lasting relationship with you.

Increases Uniqueness

As customized messaging is still a new marketing method, by getting involved now you will be able to stand out from the crowd. This unique customer focus can really set you above your competitors too. Being the first company to trial certain marketing techniques can be a risk, but if the risk is worth the reward, it is worth it.

If implemented correctly your business can really thrive from having an increased customer communication stream. Offering personalised messaging can help you segment your audience too and keep your most valued clients in the loop. You can offer different ads, offers and even text to match your individual clients wants. You can get as specialised as you want, the more unique the better.


Customized messaging is a really innovative way to impact your customers and their purchasing behaviours. Customized messaging is still considered as a new way to influence your customers and make them feel respected and valued. To ensure that your businesses message has been received and delivered in the correct way, you should look to investing in market research. This will help you decide upon the correct formats to use for your customized messages, what to include in them and who you should spend the time focusing on from your customer database.


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