With the increasing prevalence of the necessity to do business remotely, online notarization has exploded in popularity. When it comes to having a document notarized online, you may wonder, “What are the advantages of virtual notary services?”

Virtual notary services pros

The notarization of many important documents is a necessary part of modern life. Customers will have to search for, make an appointment with, and physically appear before a notary public in order to have their signatures authenticated. Although, the tides are turning. Some states have already begun crafting laws to allow electronic closings to better serve remote communities by the year 2020. The main pros of an online notary public are as follows:

Fast and simple process.

Online notarization is quick and simple, taking no more than a few minutes to complete. It takes around 10 minutes from the moment you hit “notarize now” to the time your document is completely notarized and ready to download. Appointments with a notary public are soon becoming obsolete as people now use Remote Online Notarization (RON) to have documents notarized without ever having to leave their homes. Instead, you may use a webcam-enabled device like a computer, smartphone, or tablet to notarize documents digitally. A notary may then be accessed by webcam, the document uploaded, the signer’s identification verified, and the document downloaded after it has been notarized.


As a result of remote notarization, you can get your papers notarized at any time and from any location. Connecting with a virtual notary is faster and more convenient than visiting a physical office or making an appointment. The availability of remote notarization is one of its main advantages. Do not get out of bed or get off the couch. So unwind, and allow them to simplify your life.

It is safe.

Notarizing a document online is safer than having it notarized in person by a traditional notary public. Online notarization sessions performed by remote notaries are recorded for audit purposes. This implies that they can be used to verify the legitimacy of the transaction in the event of a dispute.

An essential step in every major transaction is identity verification. Online notarizations performed from a distance benefit from several layers of robust protection. These are also more secure than in-person ones, but video conference has the potential to be the most efficient security measure.

Where can I go to get started as a virtual notary public?

Many people prefer to have their documents notarized online due to the ease and versatility of the process. Therefore, it is important for notaries who are interested in remote work to understand the process of becoming an online notary. Working for yourself as a virtual notary public or for an established RON company are both viable career paths to think about. If you’re going it alone, you’ll have to put in more effort to get signers and bargain with them for a fair fee. You may negotiate contracts with anybody you choose and set your own prices, giving you greater leeway over your income.

Working for a RON provider is the perfect option if you value your time more highly than money. They will locate signers and manage to schedule for you so that you can focus on communicating with clients and having their documents notarized. And last, a notary commission can be awarded to a prospective notary public in an entirely digital setting. The document is issued by the Secretary of State and confirms the individual’s commission as a notary public.


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