Employees in the company stay, not only because they’re paid well or they could see their career heading in the right direction. Sometimes, employee retention comes from more than these reasons. It has everything to do with satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. It’s pretty understandable and expected that employees should be well taken care of, for a business to remain successful.

Employee satisfaction, unfortunately, is sometimes overlooked by companies and business owners. They focus too much on reaching goals that they forget to take care of the most critical aspects of an organization—the employees. When employees are satisfied, happy, and are working in a healthy work environment with an excellent working culture, their morale and motivation will increase. This’ll result in longer retention and a lower turnover rate in your company.

With that said, here are some best practices to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied:

1. Recognition And Rewards Programs  

Recognition and appreciation are vital to employee motivation. When people are recognized and acknowledged for their efforts, whether verbal compliments or monetary rewards, they find pleasure in working harder and contributing more to the company. Ensure to have a culture in your company where small successes are celebrated and announced. 

Let the HR team take care of recognition programs to make employees feel valued. Consider some perks that you can offer your staff, which could come in vouchers, certifications, trophies, food stubs, gift checks, and the like. Ensure employees have challenging yet achievable goals to strive for. And never forget to appreciate each and every one of your employees’ efforts.

2. Employee Volunteering 

Employees are essential to the success of your organization. Your company should take the initiative in enhancing your employees’ work experience to show them how much you care about their welfare. There are diverse ways to express this. One is employee volunteering, which means you can provide opportunities to your workers to be part of something big.

Allow your talent to volunteer individually or be part of a group or team focused on corporate social responsibility projects. When you encourage this, your company will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Stronger teamwork, productivity, and greater employee engagement. 
  • Employees will be more proud, committed, and loyal to the organization. 
  • A workforce that’s inspired and reenergized, ready to tackle any challenge. 
  • Better or enhanced company image. 
  • A greater brand presence in your industry and community. 

In today’s competitive environment, companies focusing on building positive relationships with employees and the local community can reap many benefits by encouraging their employees to volunteer.

3. Establish A Transparent Working Culture 

Creating a workplace involves developing a workplace culture as well. Build an environment that is oozing with lightness, positivity, and cheerfulness. Put yourself in your workers’ shoes and realize that everyone needs a good working environment where they can be happy, expand their skills, have their voices be heard, and nurture professional relationships. This is an ideal working culture that you need to establish in your business.

In this type of environment, you can create a great workplace by being transparent with your expectations. Describe your expectations during orientation so your workers know and understand what you expect of them. Motivating and increasing productivity can be achieved by ensuring everyone is on the same page, collaborating to achieve a common goal.

4. Promote Diversity And Inclusivity 

Gone are the days when potential high-skilled workers only considered salaries when choosing a company to work for. In the modern era of thousands of companies to choose from, they’d prefer to work in an institution that promotes diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Today’s employees are interested in changing the world, and this ideal extends to their work environment as well. And as such, they want to stop every form of discrimination. So if you’re going to keep your employees satisfied and happy, ensure to promote an environment that focuses on accepting all forms of differences.

5. Encourage Work-Life Balance 

The modern workplace makes it convenient for everyone to work remotely at home. Although this could be good news, the sad point is that it’s even more challenging to balance work and home life more than ever. Even when working remotely, employees should be engaged and happy but not compromising the importance of work-life balance too.

Work-life balance is essential for employees to be happy at work and to steer away from burnout. Allow your employees to take some time off so they can tend to their families and live their personal lives. Your employees must know that even if something unforeseen occurs, the organization will enable them to deal with it in ways they deem fit for the situation. Flexibility and trusting your employees go a long way for your company to achieve success.

6. Provide Job Growth For Everyone 

Keeping motivated and productive is difficult if everyone is stuck in the same place. One familiar problem some companies face is when people work monotonously, without any goals to work for because they feel like they couldn’t get promoted or get raises anymore. This’ll lead them to feeling stuck and working just for the sake of getting their paycheck every week. You wouldn’t want to have employees who work like robots, so create opportunities for them to grow in their jobs.

You need to allow growth at your company so employees can feel comfortable taking risks, struggling, receiving support, and improving. Once again, developing a culture of transparency within your organization is vital. 

Set clear goals for how your employees can grow in the company and let them know when that opportunity arises. Create assessment and evaluation sessions, set KPIs, and provide equal opportunities to everyone.

7. Offer Training And Skills Development 

Employers need to help their employees achieve success in their careers. This is a vital strategy to keep your employees content with your company. This will enhance their productivity while also making them feel like they’re making a more significant impact at work. 

Success starts with more training in the workplace, which is usually related to an employee’s job description. Still, you can also design some training programs that could be open for anyone interested to join. Employee loyalty can be enhanced by this initiative, as employees can learn new skills to bring to their work.

8. Challenge Everyone By Having A Healthy Competition 

Just as growth is crucial to make employees feel satisfied, challenging them is also vital. Create an environment where healthy competition can prosper. Everyone can grow and be better when they see rankings and challenges. Although they’re competing with each other, remind them that they should be competing with their old selves.

9. Promote Good Health 

Healthcare is no longer solely the responsibility of employees; since employers incur a high cost, this responsibility now lies with organizations. A critical aspect for employees to choose your company over your competitors is when you offer an environment that prioritizes the health and wellness of employees.

Health insurance and benefits aren’t the only essential factors to consider now; they want an institution that’s hands-on with promoting healthy habits to their employees. When you take care of your employees, you save costs on hospitalization and absences.


An employee who is happy and satisfied is always a more effective worker. You can easily keep track of your workers’ progress when they’re in this positive condition. Hopefully, you’ve taken to heart the simple ideas here on keeping your employees satisfied so your business can also enjoy the benefits that come with it. When you promote employee volunteering, offer skills training, provide job growth to everyone, these will all impact your company in positive ways, having a positive ripple effect.


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