Any small business owner worth their weight knows that video content is king in 2023. People spend hours scrolling through videos on social media, so it only makes sense to put out your message in the favoured format. In a saturated world of video content, quality is essential for getting noticed, but this doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. 

Expensive Gear Isn’t Essential

You don’t need to buy expert-grade equipment to produce high-quality videos. This can all be achieved with nothing but a decent smartphone and video editing skills. To take smartphone videos to the next level, you can purchase affordable accessories including lights and microphones. 

Use Free Software for Video Editing

Paying for countless subscriptions to software and cloud services can turn into an overwhelming expense. The good news is you don’t need to pay for video editing tools. For example, Apple’s free iMovie video editing tool is pretty powerful, and it has been used by some of the biggest brand names. For example, Bentley used nothing but an iPad Air and an iPhone loaded with iMovie to create a quality documentary. 

Create Audio Videos

All business video content needs a message, which is why the words aren’t the most difficult aspect of a video. Instead, it’s compiling sets, costumes, hair, makeup, and everything else involved with shooting a video. If the video shooting feels too complex, simply create an audio video by putting your message behind images, text, and animations.

Remember to Add Music 

You can have the best video and script possible, but it simply won’t hit the mark without a suitable music track to accompany it. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for licensing or have an orchestra create a piece; there are thousands of royalty-free songs that can be used at a very low cost. However, you must make sure that they’re authorised for commercial use. 

Outsource Video Production Cardiff

Small businesses outsource countless tasks because cloud tech makes it easy and affordable and video content creation is no different. There are plenty of quality video production services Cardiff like, which will take your vision and turn it into a stunning piece of art that’s bound to turn heads. When you use a videographer Cardiff, you’ll have access to expertise and innovative technology for a much more affordable price than buying equipment and hiring creatives. 

Explore User Generated Content (UGC)

Your existing users will be on social media posting about their own experiences, and there’s no reason your business can’t be featured. UGC is a free way to gain traction online, and all you need to do is offer a little incentive. For example, you can run a competition for a free product/service where entry involves posting brand-related content with a unique hashtag. 

Video content is the key to dominating the digital marketing landscape, but every post must be produced to a high standard. As you now know, even businesses with the smallest budgets can create captivating videos.  


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