The threat of COVID-19 remains a major concern, with US President Joe Biden having recently been criticised for declaring the pandemic “over”, as NPR reports. However, the pandemic is at least noticeably less of an issue than it once was. 

This makes it easier for you to envision where you would like to work in the foreseeable future. However, whether you are set to work from home or a traditional office, why — and how — should you give your workspace a Scandi touch?

Empty and measure the room 

Scandi decor is strongly associated with minimalism. The Swedish concept of ‘Lagom’ basically means ‘enough, sufficient, adequate, just right’ — emphasising how a strategic approach to interior style can help you to achieve more with less. 

It would therefore be convenient for you to create a blank canvas, so to speak, for your office revamp. Once you have emptied the office room, you can also measure it, allowing you to figure out how much space you can work with.

Paint the room white 

You can do this after stripping any wallpaper that remains on the walls. Applying white liberally throughout the room will make it look larger, brighter and more open.

According to studies mentioned on the Sian Victoria website, white rooms encourage both productivity and happiness in employees. Through emphasising natural light that enters the room from outside, white can also assist in relieving stress.

White can also contrast pleasingly with accents of colour you add to the space.

Take a modest approach with your choice of desk 

What exactly you put your laptop on will obviously be an important aspect of your overhauled office space. However, it can pay to be very practical-minded with what type of desk you do go for — since, as a result, you could also end up with something closely adhering to Scandi style.

With the room’s measurements in mind, you could order one of the hairpin tables available from The Hairpin Leg Co. online, as these tables are sleek in look as well as offered in two sizes.

Put up a pegboard 

You could be surprised by how common pegboards are in Scandinavian-style office spaces. For you, one big benefit of installing a pegboard would be its versatility, as the surface can serve as a platform for built-in shelving. 

Hunker has posted a photo illustrating “how adaptable the solution can be, with portable ledges that can cater to any configuration.”

Decorate your office space with live greenery 

If you aren’t already in the habit of spending a lot of time amidst greenery, you could easily have underestimated its therapeutic value. 

The idea of growing plants indoors might initially sound like a hassle, but certain plants — like spider plants and slow-growing vines — actually thrive in low-light conditions.

Green plants have also been scientifically proven to help reduce carbon dioxide in the air and improve wellbeing. This is no small boon when, otherwise, you could find yourself having to take an uncomfortably high number of days off work due to illness.


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