data backup solutions for small business

It’s hard to believe that just twenty years ago, the only real way to backup our data was to store it on floppy disks. Times have changed, and now there are so many ways to protect our important information. No company should ever be in a situation where their data has been lost as long as they’ve followed the correct procedures.

Nowadays, and due to the many technological developments, you can find different ways to store and backup your data efficiently. For instance, having a backup software that allows you to store all your information safely and restore it if something goes wrong, is an excellent choice for both businesses and individuals. The most important thing is choosing an alternative that fits your needs and securely stores your information.

Here are just five ways to backup your data:-

#1. USB Stick

USB sticks are such a practical way for us to store important information. Granted, they don’t hold as much data as we might need, but they’re great for a handful of important files. Their capacity is improving all the time, and it’s easy to carry two or three of them on our person, even in our pockets! If you’re concerned about a small set of files that you can’t afford to lose, keeping them on a USB stick might be the answer.

#2. CD/DVD

While storing data on a CD or DVD used to be the primary method for storing backup data, the rise of USB sticks changed all that. Still, they’re a cheap and useful way of backing up important files. It’s probably not the best idea to use them as the main method of storing information anymore, but they’re an additional way to obtain peace of mind.

#3. External Hard Drive

What’s better than a computer hard drive? An external one that you can carry around at your leisure, that’s what! No, you probably don’t want to start using an external drive as your main source of storing data, but it’s fantastic way of backing it up. Use software to copy everything over to your external device as regularly as you want, and you’ll be protected.

#4. The Cloud

Seth Rogen once proclaimed that “nobody understands the cloud”. Well, we do, and it’s flipping brilliant! Cloud services can offer almost unlimited storage, and everything is stored in a different location. That means that you don’t need to provide physical storage in order to backup your data. Simply upload it to the cloud, and everything is securely stored in a place on the internet. The joys of technology!

#5. IT Services

Why bother going through the hassle of doing all this yourself? IT services can do it for you, automating the process and ensuring your data is backed up safely. When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to make errors in the backup process. By enlisting the help of professionals, you’ll be able to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

With all the options available to us, you really shouldn’t be neglecting backup solutions at this point. Even if you’re not concerned about business data, think about your important personal data as well. You’ll surely have information stored on PC’s, laptops and even tablets, and you’d be devastated if you lost it. Implement a backup solution now, however simple, to ensure that you don’t find yourself in a bad situation. You never know if your hard drive will cease to function in the near future, and you need to have a backup plan in case that happens!


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