Electrical Contractor

If you’re concerned your home may have faulty wiring or just want to check your home is safe, there are many signs to look out for that could mean that your home needs a safety check performed by a professional electrical contractor in Apopka, FL. Many common problems don’t seem like significant issues when you notice them around your home, but it’s vital to have them checked out as they could lead to fires. We’ve compiled a list of the five most common problems you might see in your home that require an electrical contractor to look into. 

Flickering Lights

Contrary to popular belief, flickering or dimming lights during typical everyday uses are rarely due to a fault in the fixture. The flickering or dimming you’re seeing is usually due to other appliances attached to the same circuit, such as energy-hungry appliances like washing machines or heaters. When dealing with this issue, call out a reputable electrical contractor like Prime Electric Services Inc to test the circuits and the connected appliances. They can ensure that appliances that use large amounts of power are attached to the proper power supply and have the right protections to guard against fires. 

Odd Smells

Whenever you get a new appliance and turn it on for the first time, there can sometimes be a slight smell as duct or light oil is burned off; this should only take a few days at most, and if it continues, there may be a fault. If you notice any burning smells coming from electrical outlets, the fuse box, or older appliances, this is a sign of problems that could cause a fire. It is best to turn off the power to whatever is causing the smell or the whole property if you can’t tell where it is coming from and call an electrician to inspect it.

Hot Switches

A significant cause for concern is if you notice heat coming from your switches, outlets, or electrical wiring. Monitor the warm spots to see if the temperature rises as a steady warmth can be normal, whereas if it rises ad becomes hot, the problem needs to be checked by a professional. 

Tripping Circuits

Circuit breakers are designed to trip in order to protect your appliances and home and typically blow when the power load is too high to prevent fires. However, if your circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis, it could be due to a faulty appliance or wiring. It could also be due to the age of the circuit breaker, and you should seek advice from an electrical contractor to see if you have a problem or need to upgrade your breaker. 

Strange Noises

Your electrical circuits should not make any noise, and it is not normal to have a buzzing or humming noise coming from any of your switches, outlets, or any other electrical circuits in your home. The noise could be caused by a number of reasons such as faulty wiring, loose connection, or defective appliances; if you can detect where the noise is coming from, stop using the outlet, circuit, or appliance immediately. To resolve the problem, hire an electrician.


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