Millions of users around the world have already chosen the most popular website builders as the main tool for creating their websites. Today, you can become an affiliate of the largest site builder and increase your income!

Affiliate programs of website builders allow you to earn on attracting new customers to website builder’s system. Participation in such affiliate program does not require any special skills or investments.

Having registered as a partner, you receive a certain commission from all payments of the users that you have attracted. And this commission increases if you show good results!

We gonna tell you about the 5 most attractive affiliate programs offered by the largest today’s website builders.   


WordPress is one of the best website engines. Initially, it was positioned as an exclusively blogging solution. WordPress has many advantages, like extremely to use administration panel, a huge collection of templates, low server resource requirements, one-click update, and many others. Some WordPress website owners still opt to get help with website updates by hiring a website maintenance firm to handle the work.

The terms of affiliate program: 20% from sales of engine tariffs, Jetpack, and WooCommerce plugins. The good news is that there are three directions, tightly connected with each other.

If you manage to sell the store on WordPress, you will receive 20% from each «branch» of the offer. But in fact, it’s a bit harder than it seems. The payments are made only through PayPal.


Wix affiliate program has a $100 fixed rate for paying a premium rate. Payments are available to partners who have made more than 3 sales per month.

Wix affiliate program seems to be one of the most attractive, and there’s a high fixed payout! For each user whom you attracted and who paid the premium rate, you will receive as much as $ 100! But, of course, there are some nuances:

  • Wix has quite a high price strategy, and the terms of its affiliate program won’t suit for everyone.
  • No matter how many sales you will be able to make, you can receive the payment by official bank transfer only. For some, it is not that convenient.
  • So, is it interesting to become Wix’s affiliate if you have very powerful and solvent traffic and if you have patience.


The Weebly affiliate program allows registered users to earn $25 (or the equivalent sum in one of the supported currencies) for each user they invite to Weebly (the “Affiliate Bonus”). This bonus can be used to make payments for the subscription for the Weebly fare.

If you want to participate in the program, you have to accept the terms and conditions, that are included in the Weebly Terms of Service.

You can earn an Affiliate Bonus for each Qualified referral of new users who do not have an account on (“Targeted Person”). A qualified referral takes place when:·a referrer follows his affiliate link, creates an account and acquires one of the Weebly subscription rates;

a referrer does not cancel the subscription and does not require a refund within 30 days from the date of the initial subscription.

For each qualified referral, you receive the Affiliate Bonus to your account thirty 30 days after the Directed Person acquires one of the Weebly subscription plans. The amount of Partnership Bonuses is limited to $ 100 or the equivalent amount per month.


GoDaddy has an affiliate program that allows you to earn money, promoting GoDaddy on your own website. Making money with GoDaddy is easy because all you need to do is add GoDaddy banners and links to strategically important sections on your website where your audience will easily see and click on them.

Then, they will be sent to the GoDaddy website to make a legitimate purchase, and as soon as it is confirmed, you will receive your sales commissions.

Before you start earning a commission, you will have to register and get approval, and this process takes less time than you expect. Then you will be provided with all the important affiliate banners and advertisements to start using them on your website. These banners have unique trackers to identify with your affiliate account so that any referral purchase can be traced and paid.

As a partner, you have to bring the information about GoDaddy services to the attention of your audience, and if they go to your website and confirm the purchase, you will receive a commission for sending traffic to GoDaddy, which led to sales.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy being a GoDaddy affiliate:

  • the commission rates offered by GoDaddy are extremely competitive, sufficient to generate a good income for each payment period;
  • the registration process is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose to subscribe to an affiliate account,
  • most creative ads and banners are already created for you, so all you have to do is embed them on your website!


For more than 15 years, TemplateMonster has been creating high-quality website templates for completely different niches. The company has more than 26,600 ready-to-use multilingual solutions for business sites and resources related to beauty and fashion, medicine, entertainment, eCommerce solutions for online stores, as well as blogs.

First of all, the affiliate program will be of great interest to webmasters, designers, hosting providers, bloggers, as well as online marketing consultants. For example, in 2016, TemplateMonster reimbursed $ 1.5 million to its partners. Are you on the list?

To become a Template Monster partner, you need to register; as soon as your account becomes active, you have to choose the products you like. In other words, it doesn’t matter who you are – a blogger, a web site designer or maybe, you provide hosting services or study products, you start promoting it.

As a partner, you will be earning 30% of each purchase made by each unique user on your affiliate link. For each next purchase, made by the same user, you already receive 10% of the commission of the money he had paid.

The company offers such tools for the promotion of its own products such as banners and logos, showcases (for example, thematic designs, templates for business sites and services), landing pages, web API, widgets.

This is the best way to get high profits for ambitious bloggers, opinion leaders, promoted resources’ owners.

You can make review articles about the company’s products, create a special section for selling ready-made solutions on your own website, as well as add advertising banners and logos.

Web studios, web developers and freelancers can easily place both ready-made page layouts and landing pages on their websites to attract a larger audience and increase sales. You can also use web API and widgets that can be configured as an internal profile to display prices, terms, or conditions.

Weblium the famous artificial intelligence website builder of the new generation, powered by the Template Monster.

Check out Weblium, and write to the support to know the details of the best affiliate program from this list!


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