Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, it’s important to consider monthly dividend stocks and what they can bring to your portfolio. Not only do they provide several financial advantages, but they can also strengthen the variety of investments you have in your portfolio.

When you have diversified stocks, your portfolio isn’t as likely to take much of a hit during market downturns. Use this guidance on stocks to learn more about the best monthly dividend stocks to invest in.

Main Street Capital Corporation

Operating as a debt and equity investor, Main Street Capital Corporation focuses on helping low-middle and middle-market companies. Not only is the company profitable, but its stock also has a high dividend yield. Along with its monthly dividend distributions, Main Street Capital provides a supplemental dividend twice per year. In addition, it has a high level of diversification by industry thanks to its foot in sectors like machinery, construction and engineering, and media. 

Overall, this business development company comes with a strong record of solid investment management and has a strong competitive advantage when it comes to private equity and the debt industry.

LTC Properties Inc.

LTC Properties, Inc. is a real estate investment trust that continues to show profit and for the most part, a positive cash flow. It also has a lot of equity, and it has expansion on the horizon. LTC Properties pays a growing monthly dividend and has a solid track record of fair business practices, which is desirable for any type of investor. In addition, LTC Properties boasts a strong dividend yield, making it a good bet if you’re interested in exposure to the health care REIT arena. 

Overall, investing in LTC Properties is a good option thanks to its promising future and the fact that the shares are affordable relative to the earnings. 

Realty Income Corporation

Realty Income Corp. invests in commercial properties for single-tenant leasing. As an REIT, it distributes 90% of its income into dividend distributions. Realty Income Corp. has over 300 commercial tenants spanning across 50 unique sectors. It has also generated a positive revenue growth for the majority of its years. 

This investment is a strong addition to your portfolio thanks to the company’s consistency, continued revenue growth, and the ability to continually raise its dividend.

Shaw Communications

If you’re interested in stepping into the technology sector, consider investing in this Canadian telecommunications firm. Founded in 1966, Shaw Communications is a network and content provider for both consumers and businesses. Investing in this company can add geographic diversity to your portfolio while providing you with more frequent distributions. In addition, this company is not as likely to face major hits during a recession since consumers and businesses will still need its services.

If you’re set on monthly dividend stocks, consider these options and how they’d factor into your unique portfolio. Make sure to consider any and all risks your portfolio may face and make a strategic decision based on your financial circumstances.


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