Cloud technology is an emerging concept for businesses. These services are available under three models which collectively cover most of the IT needs of your business. Through the Software as Service model, software and applications that are hosted on a third-party server can be availed by users as a service.

The Infrastructure as Service model caters to requirements such as servers, storage space, networking resources etc. The Platform as Service model provides different platforms for development.

This article summarises the reasons why small businesses should start using the cloud services.

Freedom from IT hassles

The small companies, other than those having IT as their core competency, have to spend considerable time and money in managing the back-end IT setups. Cloud services can help these businesses in better management of their IT matters in the following ways.


IT is the backbone for most businesses now, as automation is gradually replacing manual processes. Not just high uptime or high scalability, cloud services also enable easy backup, recovery, and security as a part of their services.

With servers hosted by a third party, most server management hassles are handled easily. The third party is generally a specialist in this domain and provides its expertise in the management of backup, recovery, storage, and security apart from providing updated software.

Storage space

Managing storage space is no more an issue with the cloud as flexibility is made available by the service provider such that the business, based on its need, can ask for increased space as and when required.

Also, cloud solutions providers have multiple servers catering to the same client so that, even if one fails, the client can still enjoy uninterrupted access through another, which also contains a replica of its data. This is responsible for the high uptime server capability offered by cloud services.

Flexible processes

Business growth requires efficient processes. Cloud technology can help a business improve the business processes by eliminating common constraints. Following are some of the ways a cloud solution can make small business processes flexible and productive.

Resource sharing

Companies require software for their day to day operational activities. It is not feasible to buy licenses for all individual terminals in a small business environment as that would not ensure effective utilization.

Cloud services offer different licensing models which aid to better license management for the business. Apart from this, through cloud server services, even hardware/devices like printers, scanners etc can be shared in real time by various employees in an organization.


Depending on the domain, cloud services can be accessed flexibly from different locations. So, managers can share data and communicate with their teams even while traveling, yet ensuring that the work continues uninterrupted.

For most small companies, the cloud can be one of the best support systems allowing their employees a work from home opportunity. The emerging concept of remote team has been made possible with the use of cloud technology by removing communication-related hassles.  

Cost reduction

Small businesses have limited funds which are spent in overcoming new challenges regularly. So, it becomes important for them to manage their expenses better. Cloud technology can help lessen small business expenses in the following ways.

Reduction in capital expenditure

Sharing of resources means lesser capital expenses which in turn decreases the costs related to IT functions in a business. Both hardware and software costs are minimized which acts as a blessing for the business as a whole.

The need for hiring specially trained or qualified IT experts is also eliminated. Remote teams allow further cost reduction on the infrastructure of the small business when it has to accommodate fewer employees in the premises.

Pay per use model

Most cloud services operate on varied price models that allow businesses to pay for only the services used, even if the cloud package has tons of other services available.

With a reduction in expenses due to the employment of cloud services, small businesses can concentrate on spending more on the betterment of their products and services, which leads to better growth.


Cloud technology empowers small businesses in so many ways. This is why such businesses must leverage this technology that has over the years transformed the whole IT culture. So, without waiting any further, grab the opportunity now and employ cloud services for your business!


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